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the MIUI launcher is updated with a key novelty


You were waiting for it, so say hello to the native search for applications from the launcher of your Xiaomi.

If you have a Xiaomi this interests you: the MIUI launcher is updated with a key novelty
MIUI 14 will bring very important news to the launcher of your XIaomi.

Slow but safe, Xiaomi continues with the rollout of MIUI 14 for its extensive catalog of terminals, which little by little is receiving the important new features of the latest version of which it already is the most popular customization in the entire Android ecosystem. Right here you can check the list of mobiles that will receive MIUI 14 both Xiaomi and Redmi and POCO.

In any case, here we have come to talk about news related to MIUI 14, or rather to rocket launcher native Xiaomi firmwarethat as the friends of Xiaomi world It’s about to make our lives much easier when it comes to finding applications on our mobiles from the Haidian giant.

The news came directly from the MIUI Telegram groupthe MIUI channel in Spanish, where they also provided us with a small video of how the new search functionality is displayed in the MIUI 14 app launcher:

Xiaomi’s idea is from natively provide an app search similar to that enjoyed by, for example, users of Nova Launcherthat with just a gesture they can access an application search that makes life easier and improves our experience using the device.

It’s something similar to what I did that app ‘Gesture search’ of Google so popular in the beginnings of Androidbut now fallen into the drawer of oblivion.

On Xiaomi mobiles, this gesture will be the one already known from drag your finger down from the middle of the desktopwhich until now opened the notification bar by default but now It will allow us to execute this search engine directly changing just this setting.

So, shortly and when the rocket launcher of your Xiaomi is updated to the latest version, all you have to do is drag your finger and type a couple of characters of the app name to open it in one fell swoop, so you’ll probably never waste time looking for apps again… Good news!

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