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The most modern humanoid robot in the world draws a cat and the result is worthy of a meme


The truth is that it is a more important step than it seems judging by its quality.

The most modern humanoid robot in the world draws a cat and the result is worthy of a meme
Most likely, Ameca would have scandalized Picasso

We are at a technological inflection point. From one moment to the next it seems that hundreds of professions are going to disappear because of robotics and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, some like AIs like halfway They are capable of creating works of art that surprise locals and strangers due to their good quality. Although, on the other hand, they have put artists on a war footing who have seen their profession become even more precarious.

In this convulsive moment of change, the most advanced robot in the world has also had the need to leave its artistic mark for posterity. We are talking about Ameca, and the truth is that he has drawn a cat that well reminds us of the one who could have drawn an infant who has just been given a pencil to entertain himself.

Ameca, the most advanced humanoid robot

Ameca is supposedly the world’s most advanced robot. To her humanoid body we must add the ability to make gestures to make it easier to empathize with her. His body is very advanced, but so is his mind, as he has successfully integrated ChatGPT-4 which has allowed this robot to make notable progress in many fields, including creativity. We already explained to you at the time that ChatGPT-4 was an even more creative conversational AI than its previous version, so it is not surprising that the technology is surprising in a remarkable way.

When the workers of engineering arts They have asked him to draw a cat, the surprise has been bittersweet. On the one hand the media and the general public they have practically taken it as a meme. In the video you can see the final result and although it is identifiable with the figure of a catthe truth is that it is not that it shines for its realism or its creative capacity. As they claimed from Urban Technothe drawing well resembles what a child could have done.

Now, the truth is that Ameca has shown many very interesting and study-worthy things in the execution of his cat. First of all is that has been able to use creative “thinking” to interpret what a cat means to her and shape it. This requires a high level of processing. But it is that the thing does not stop there, but also that the cat is perfectly identifiable by humans as a cat, which is a very important first step.

Furthermore, it is also very interesting that you have decided sign your worksomething that is typical of artists, so it seems that in his knowledge base he must have considered that it was a work worthy of being signed.

Although Ameca is the most advanced robot in the world, it still has many aspects to improve. The first of them is that her face is kept in the valley of the hauntingIt is a humanoid figure, yes, but we humans have the ability to distinguish those who are not, since when we see a robot there is something that does not fit us. In this case, in his face and in his gestures you can see perfectly this.

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