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the most powerful mobile in the world has not yet been presented


A OnePlus 11 prototype with 16 GB of RAM has just smashed all AnTuTu records: 1,341,080 points!

AnTuTu has a new king: the most powerful mobile in the world has not yet been presented
New record in AnTuTu, this impressive and in charge of a OnePlus 11 that has surpassed the old IQOO mark by almost 100,000 points.

Approaches the new generation of smartphonessome are actually already here like the vivo X90 Pro+ or the iQOO 11 and 11 Proand how could it be less records begin to fall in the main benchmarks of the mobile market as the new prototypes make an appearance.

In fact, it is that first they were the recently presented iQOO 11 those who marked a stratospheric number of 1,281,665 points in the synthetic performance test, although as you will see the record has lasted very little for mobile phones gaming of alive.

These are the phones with the best power-price ratio according to AnTuTu

And it is that as confirmed by the companions of GSMArenaa still unborn mobile like the OnePlus 11 has just gone through AnTuTu destroying all brands of the popular benchmark of Chinese origin.

Their scores are scary, in fact, and it is that the prototype used got 1,341,080 points in the testsurpassing the iQOO 11 by almost 100,000 points with pretty similar hardware:

OnePlus 11 marks the record in AnTuTu

This is the new AnTuTu record signed by a pre-series OnePlus 11.

The OnePlus 11 gets 1,341,080 points in AnTuTu signing an impressive new record, almost 100,000 points higher than the score of the iQOO 11 with similar hardware.

We are talking about a OnePlus 11 prototype with model code PBH110, which incorporates a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 under the hood accompanied by 16 GB of LPDDR5x type RAM together with others 512 GB of UFS 4.0 storage. And are these exactly the same components of the iQOO 11 model who had achieved the previous record.

The tests were carried out with Android 13 as operating systemwith a 120 hertz display and supposedly with the matrix QHD + 1,440pwhich obviously will prevent drawing conclusions that the record could have been due to the fact that much fewer pixels moved on a lower resolution screen in the tests.

OnePlus 11, presentation

A ‘teaser’ image anticipated by OnePlus to promote its next ‘flagship’.

Be that as it may, the new record is already set and valid, signed by a OnePlus that once boasted the most fluid Android-based firmware on the marketand what now with OPPO’s muscle it will try to continue growing from a return to the origins that all his fans asked for.

Regarding the OnePlus 11 in particular, a very close presentation for China is expected, although the global release is scheduled for February 7, 2023waiting for a hardware of the highest performance but this time trying to get back on track flagship killerswith a more attractive price than usual thanks to a policy of zero net profit.

As you will see, this will not be an impediment to mounting the best chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen2along with 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage, a 6.7-inch panel with QHD + resolution and 120 Hz, triple camera signed by Hasselbladthe classic Alert Slider and the invaluable company of some OnePlus Buds Pro 2 TWS who want to revolutionize audio true wireless.

Many expectations, it is logical, although let’s relax because there are many weeks left before we can get our hands on them and there will be a lot of chicha from many manufacturersStart the dance with the change of course!

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