Home Tech The new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will know if your food is hot enough

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will know if your food is hot enough

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will know if your food is hot enough


This is a new app called ‘Thermo Check’, and it will allow you to use the infrared thermometer of the Galaxy Watch6 to find out the temperature of anything in our environment (including food).

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will know if your food is hot enough
The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 with its different color options for the straps | leaked image

We continue shelling out details of a second unpacked 2023 that samsung will be held this coming Wednesday, and it is that the South Korean giant continues to make it impossible for us to arrive at their presentations with any surprises to discover. This time, again we have in the arenas the galaxy6 watchthat they already leaked images, details it’s included prices in Europe for now let us see that Samsung has discovered how to take advantage of the infrared thermometer that have integrated

For now we are still waiting for all the users of the galaxy watch 5 That in activate the functionality of the thermometer so vaunted by Samsung about a year ago, but apparently the health authorities have not yet had to grant the necessary permits. As for the Galaxy Watch6, we do have progress, and it is that as reported by colleagues android authoritythe Seoul-based firm already have the app ready ‘Thermal check’ so that users can use this functionality in their brand new watches.

In fact, fortunately, the same news sources confirm that sooner or later this same application will also be in the Watch5 of 2022although without offering us estimated landing dates.

This confirms that a year later, Samsung already has everything necessary ready to use temperature measurement with your wearable last generationsomething that until now had only been seen to work in a transparent way in monitoring the female menstrual cycle.

Both the Galaxy Watch6, which will release it, and the Galaxy Watch5, will soon receive the ‘Thermo Check’ app so that we can use its IR thermometer to measure the temperature of anything around us.

There are not many more details, but we do know that ‘Thermal check’ will allow the user measure the temperature of anything in its environmentbeing able to check how hot their meals or a baby’s bottle are just point the watch at the IR thermometer and no need for physical contact with the product or surface.

The Samsung watches that will not support this function will be those prior to 2021, with the Galaxy Watch4 as the most modern of those that do not incorporate the necessary hardware to measure infrared temperatures.


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