Home Tech The Nothing Ear (2) have noise cancellation and are on sale on Amazon

The Nothing Ear (2) have noise cancellation and are on sale on Amazon

The Nothing Ear (2) have noise cancellation and are on sale on Amazon


Nothing’s headphones have more than good sound quality and now have a much more appealing price.

The Nothing Ear (2) have noise cancellation and are on sale on Amazon
The Nothing Ear (2) have a discount in their price on Amazon

Nothing has been in the news recently for the premiere of his more than expected Phone (2)but the London firm not only competes in the smartphone market, but also they also have other products that are high end. The company also has more than interesting wireless headphones, as is the case with the Nothing Heard (2)in which you can save some money if you decide to buy them now on Amazon.

as we said, The Nothing Ear (2) are one of the best wireless headphones in-ear that is on the market, and to see it we only need to go to the product reviews on Amazon, where It has 4.3 starsMeanwhile he 63% of these evaluations they label it as a 5 star product. Another aspect that indicates that these are high-end headphones is their high price, which It is always usually at 149 eurosbut now you can buy them with a 13% discount.

Nothing Heard (2)

The Nothing Ear (2) have a discount on their recommended price on Amazon

Taking into account that its usual price is 149 euros and its discount is 13%, the Nothing Ear (2) are for 129 euros on Amazon. While still quite a high price, with this offer you can save 20 euros and get a highly coveted product with a brutal design. Also, keep in mind that if you are an Amazon Prime user, these headphones they will come to you with free shipping. On the other hand, you can also find these in your official store and in pc componentsalthough in this case it seems that they do not have stock right now.

Going into the characteristics and details of these Nothing Ear (2), it is worth mentioning that these They have great sound quality and noise cancellation.plus one transparent aesthetics and quite remarkable comfort. They also have three silicone pads of different sizes, which makes the task of adjusting to the ears of its users much easier, as well as better insulate outside sound. Likewise, the Ears (2) come with some 11.6mm dynamic graphene and polyurethane driverswhich helps make your sound much clearer, with a active noise cancellation technology up to 40 dB and a Hi-Res sound.

Among its benefits, we can also talk about the control by pressure on the poles of these headphones, as well as of a low latency mode and dual connection. Additionally, these pair with your compatible device via Bluetooth 5.3. Speaking of compatibility, these headphones work on devices with iOS 11 and Android 5.1 onwards. Regarding the autonomy of these helmets, we can add that it offers us up to 4 hours of continuous playtime with ANC on And till 22.5 hours thanks to the charging casealthough if you deactivate noise cancellation, you can always stretch its autonomy up to 36 hours.

Nothing Heard (2)

All this being said, The Nothing Ear (2)That charge via USB-C the why 2.5W Qi wireless chargingthey can be yours at a price of 129 euros on Amazon and with free shipping, if you are a Prime user, remember.

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