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The operation could not be completed because the message was modified Outlook error

The operation could not be completed because the message was modified Outlook error


Microsoft Outlook Is one of the popular email clients that is used by many people around the world to send and receive emails. Like Gmail, Outlook also has the ability to move specific emails to a specific folder. This feature is useful when it comes to finding important emails in Outlook. If any error occurs in Outlook, it is very frustrating for users. In this article, we will talk about the error message “The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed“That happens in the Outlook desktop app when you move emails to a specific folder. Some users also faced the same error message when sending emails.

The operation could not be performed because the message was changed

There are some temporary fixes that some users have tried and were able to resolve the issue. We have described these solutions below:

  • mark Unread a message that got an error moving it to a different folder. After that, you can move it to the desired folder.
  • Delete the email you want to move to a specific folder. This will move it to Deleted Items… Now open Deleted Items and right-click your email to move it to the correct folder.
  • Open another email message, and then the one you are experiencing with the error. Now you can move it to the desired folder.

The above fixes are temporary, so they won’t fix the problem permanently. If you want to get rid of the problem permanently, try the following solutions:

  1. Run the Microsoft SARA (Support and Recovery Assistant) tool.
  2. Disable Conversation Cleanup Options
  3. Remove email from drafts
  4. Troubleshoot Outlook in Safe Mode
  5. Disable your antivirus email scanner
  6. Contact Kaspersky Customer Support (solution for Kaspersky Anti-Virus users).
  7. Configure IMAP account settings (solutions for users with an IMAP account in Outlook)
  8. Disable Autosave in Outlook
  9. Perform an online repair

Let’s take a closer look at these solutions.

1]Start Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant Tool.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant Tool is a desktop client that helps users troubleshoot and diagnose problems. It runs tests on the computer to determine the cause of the problem and offers users the best solution to fix it. You can run this tool if you are experiencing an error in Office, Office 365, and Windows. If this tool cannot fix the problem, it will offer you some tips to fix it.

The steps to launch SARA tool are listed below:

  1. Visit microsoft.com to download the SARA tool.
  2. Run the setup file to install the tool on your system.
  3. Run the tool, read Microsoft Services Agreement, and click I Agree if you accept the agreement.
  4. Select the app you are having a problem with and click Next
  5. Select a problem and click Next
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.

2]Disable call cleanup options

Disabling the cleanup conversation options fixed the issue for many users. Hence, there are high chances that this solution will work for you as well.

Disable Outlook Conversation Cleanup Options

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Running Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to “File> Options… “
  3. To choose Mail on the left side in Outlook Options
  4. Scroll down and uncheck “When a reply modifies a message, don’t move the original” option. You will find this option under Conversation Clean Up
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart Outlook.

If the above option is not already checked in Outlook preferences, check or enable it, restart Outlook, then follow the steps above to clear this check box, and then restart Outlook again.

Check if the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, clear all the check boxes under “Clean up Conversations” in Outlook and restart Outlook. This should fix the problem.

3]Remove email from drafts

If you receive the error “The operation could not be performed because the message was changed”When sending emails, there may be an email in Drafts for the same email address. You can solve this problem by removing this email from the drafts. Follow the instructions below:

  1. First, open Drafts and check if any email message is saved for the same line. If so, remove it. But before you do that, copy the entire email message from the Create Email window and paste it into any text editor or word processing tool like Notepad.
  2. Close up Compose email… You will receive a pop-up message asking if you would like to save this email. Click No.
  3. Now open your drafts and delete the email.
  4. Open the Write a letter window, paste the copied message there and click Send

This time, the message should be submitted without displaying an error message.

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4]Troubleshoot Outlook in Safe Mode

Some users have found the cause of the problem in the following add-ins:

  • Adobe Send & Track for Microsoft Outlook – Acrobat
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus Outlook

If you have installed any of the above add-ons, disable those add-ons and then check if the error occurs. It will save you time while troubleshooting Outlook in Safe Mode.

If you haven’t installed these add-ins, go ahead and troubleshoot Outlook in Safe Mode to identify the problematic add-in. We have explained the whole procedure below:

  1. Click on Win + Rs to launch the Run command window.
  2. A type outlook.exe / safe and click OK. This will start Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode.
  3. Now go to “File> Options… “
  4. To choose Add-ins in the left pane of the Outlook Options window.
  5. To choose COM Add-Ins v Manage and click on Go
  6. Disable each add-in and then try moving or sending an email and see if Outlook gives the same error message. If so, disable the other add-on and then move or send an email. Repeat this process until you no longer receive the error message.

When you can move or send an email without receiving an error message after disabling a particular add-on, that add-on is the culprit. Now, exit Outlook Safe Mode and start Outlook normally. Remove the problematic add-on.

5]Disable your anti-virus email scanner.

Some antivirus programs come with an email scanner. An email scanner in antivirus software checks emails and attachments before downloading them. Sometimes this email scanning service causes some problems with email clients. If your antivirus software supports email scanning and you have enabled it, the problem might be with this service.

Disable email scanning, and then try moving or sending email messages. This might fix the problem.

6]Contact the Kaspersky Customer Support Service (solution for Kaspersky Anti-Virus users).

Some users stated that the error was fixed by disabling Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Disable Kaspersky Anti-Virus and check if you can send or move emails. If so, we suggest that you contact the Kaspersky Lab support service in order to solve this problem on their part.

7]Configure IMAP account settings (solution for users with IMAP account in Outlook)

Outlook offers three types of accounts: Exchange, IMAP, and POP. If you are using an IMAP account in Outlook, this solution might help you fix the problem.

Configure IMAP Outlook Settings

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to “File> Account Settings… »Click Account Settings
  3. Double click your IMAP account and click More Settings
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. In the IMAP Account Settings window, enter Inbox v Root folder path
  6. Click Next and then OK to save your settings.

You can now move and send the email.

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8]Disable Autosave in Outlook

Disabling the autosave option in Outlook fixed the issue for many users. You can also try this fix, but after you turn off the Autosave feature, Outlook won’t automatically save your email messages to draft.

Instructions for disabling this feature in Outlook are listed below:

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to “File> Options… “
  3. To choose Mail from the left pane.
  4. Scroll down to find Save messages
  5. Uncheck the box “Automatically save items that have not been sent after this many minutes… “
  6. Click on OK to save the settings.

Restart Outlook and check if the problem occurs. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can turn the autosave feature back on.

9]Perform an online repair

If none of the above solutions fix the problem, your last hope is to perform an online Microsoft Office repair. If after preparing Outlook the problem persists, we recommend that you contact Microsoft support.

Why do I keep getting the error message in Outlook?

There are many reasons why you receive error messages in Outlook. One of the most common causes is an internet connection problem. Sometimes Outlook gives error messages due to poor or unstable Internet connection. The most common reason many users encounter multiple errors in Outlook is PST and OST file corruption. In this case, restoring the .pst and .ost files may fix the problem.

How to reset Outlook?

The Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems have a built-in function to restore and reset installed applications. Reset Outlook option is available in Windows 11/10 settings.

Hope this helps.

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Operation cannot be performed Outlook error


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