Home SECURITY The Pope in puffy down jacket conquers the Internet

The Pope in puffy down jacket conquers the Internet

The Pope in puffy down jacket conquers the Internet


It would seem, what does neural networks have to do with it: the Pope in an inflated down jacket conquers the Internet

Another photorealistic generation from Midjourney deftly deceived many users of social networks.

We did not have time to talk about highly plausible AI generation of several dozen images of a catastrophe that never happened, which misled many people, a neural network midjourney again made noise and got into trends.

Published this weekend at Twitter the image of Pope Francis in a fashionable puffy jacket suddenly went viral and quickly spread all over the Internet. Apparently, many people really believed that this is a real image. In the wake of the popularity of this news, many Internet users themselves began to generate “Dad in a down jacket”, so now the Internet is simply teeming with various variations of this image. The original image that started it all is bottom left.

Shortly after similar posts were widely shared, Twitter began adding a contextual warning to them that reads: “This is an AI-generated image of Pope Francis. This is not a real photo.”

Twitter’s policies state that users “may not fraudulently share synthetic or manipulated media that could cause harm.” Although in this case the line between harm and parody may seem blurry.

At a cursory glance, many fake photographs look quite realistic. But with careful study, the catch can still be noticed. The news caused a special resonance, among other things, because Pope Francis is known for his modest outfits, and here is a fashionable down jacket, and probably from a well-known and popular brand.

The image service that the authors used to create fake images of Pope Francis, Midjourney, debuted last year. Along with Stable Diffusion and DALL-E, this is one of the three main image synthesis models that currently exist and provides an acceptable level of generation. All three neural networks allow users to create images using only textual descriptions, called “hints” or “prompts”. You can create really absurd things that can look extremely realistic, which is why neural networks have become so popular.

Midjourney has recently been updated to version 5 and has taken a huge leap in photorealism, rendering complex scenes full of detail from relatively simple cues. Therefore, on the Internet, you can often stumble upon generations from this neural network, since they look corny better and more realistic.

As we have already noted in past news , the rapid development of neural networks may soon give rise to an uncontrolled level of fake news, which, even with a strong desire, will be difficult to verify for authenticity. The great minds of today sound the alarm and sign petitions to halt the rapid development of text-based neural networks like ChatGPT. It is likely that the development of Midjourney will be banned in the same way soon. However, we know that progress is not so easy to stop, regardless of what it promises to humanity.


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