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the popular Clippy returns to Windows with much more intelligence


It is an application that is not official or licensed by Microsoft, but it brings ChatGPT to the desktop with a single ‘click’, also with a nostalgic and well-integrated design.

Oh, the nostalgia: the popular Clippy returns to Windows with much more intelligence
The popular (and once annoying) Clippy is back on your Windows PC.

While we wait for Copilot comes to Windows to revolutionize everything in our computing experience, and with Microsoft determined that we use its Edge browser putting it through our eyes at the slightest opportunity, the truth is that the next great arrival to Windows is going to be the return of the popular (and sometimes annoying) Clippyour favorite computer helper, who will come back after getting much smarter by the hand of FireCube.

And it is that with the landing of AI solutions in a massive way, and seeing how they work chatbot best knownit was only a matter of time before someone thought of get Clippy back so we can chat with him, ask him for things or just entertain ourselves asking him basically anything.

From right here you can download it on any PC with Windows 11:

FireCube Clippy (in Microsoft Store)

It is an unofficial development that seeks to succeed with nostalgia, but it works quite well and looks like ChatGPT

As our colleagues told us xda-developersis about an unofficial or licensed development which has been developed by fire bucket studiosa company known for other Windows 11 apps that make use of design technologies. In this case, yes Firecube has opted for nostalgia to try to sneak into our PCs appealing to better timesback in the early 2000s, when Clippy constantly annoyed us while using Office.

Now the idea of ​​the modern Clippy is smarter, since it is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language modelwhich makes it a kind of intelligent assistant inspired by ChatGPT.

In terms of functionality, this is an application that will bring ChatGPT to the desktop at the stroke of a single clickbut with a super careful neo-retro design that reminds us of Windows XP. Of course, in the current version of Clippy we will need to provide you with our own OpenAI API keysomething that should be changed when the app reaches its final and stable versions.

Oh, the nostalgia: the popular Clippy returns to Windows with much more intelligence

This is what the new Clippy will look like on your Windows 11 computer.

We can ask you anythingwhether it is related to Windows, Microsoft Office or not. Whether we need help to change a specific PC settingas if we want you to open an application for us or search for information on a specific topic, we can ask how to do it and Clippy will answer us diligently.

Copilot will do the same but more integrated into Windows, while Clippy has the freedom of GPT-3.5 to talk about things not related to the computer or the Redmond operating system. In fact, it is that we can entertain ourselves simply by talking about any topic.

For now, we will have options for modify the records of APIs that can be used for each answer, which will change the length of these answers, but in the future we will have many more features and other classic Microsoft characterslike Bob or the more classic Clippy, which we can configure within the app.

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