Home Gaming The remake of Layers of Fear will launch on day one for Mac too.

The remake of Layers of Fear will launch on day one for Mac too.

The remake of Layers of Fear will launch on day one for Mac too.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 11:59 PM 48 seconds, Indochina time.

The horror collection Layers of Fear Remake has a definite release date of June 15 for all platforms. But every platform it launches includes Apple Mac computers. These are the only recently released models using silicon chips made by Apple. With the development and ambition of making the Mac play more games.

This remake collection includes the original Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, as well as the DLC for both titles and the original chapter created specifically for the release of the remake. These remakes are not remakes. Easy to scale as the game is rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 and incorporates all modern graphics. Although it’s unknown if the Mac version will handle advanced techniques like ray-tracing, the Bloober team says it’s using Apple’s proprietary Metal 3 upscaling technology in full.

“Apple silicon has revolutionized Mac gaming by delivering stunning graphics performance. new abilities along with extraordinary battery life.” Said Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno.

In addition to the Mac platform, Layers of Fear is also launching on PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, meaning that it can be played on everything but the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, Bloober Team will also be porting its former Xbox-exclusive game, The Medium. Apple Macs this summer too. The number of modern games available on Apple computers is still small compared to other platforms, but Mac silicon has gained ground by running popular, visually stunning titles like Resident Evil Village. Announced on the platform but not yet displayed on the page itself


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