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The Roborock revolution is this new Q Revo, the first robot with a rotating mop


It is already available in Spain, it includes everything as standard for the best automated cleaning on the market… And it costs only 849 euros!

The Roborock revolution is this new Q Revo, the first robot with a rotating mop
The new Roborock Q Revo in full action, approaching its renewed RockDock station.

When we tried the Roborock S7 Max V Ultra we already wondered where Roborock was going to be able to improve a device that was already almost perfectbut the truth is that the Chinese manufacturer never stops promising us “a new level of cleanliness” nor of meet expectations with each iteration that he presents year after year, and that indeed always end up being placed among the best competitors in the market.

Roborock’s next step is already here and it starts attacking not the cut anymore premiumstrange thing, but to the mid-range and in order to democratize more comprehensive unattended and automated cleaning of the entire industry, as this new and innovative Roborock Q Revo who has just landed in Spain has the first scrubbing system using rotating mops that we have ever seen in a robot vacuum cleaner.

But not only that, because this manufacturer, already present in more than 40 countries globally, has also designed a new and exclusive RockDock multipurpose stationwhich this time is included as standard with the Roborock Q Revo for facilitate a friendlier start-up, use and maintenance experienceIt has a clean and functional design that will not be out of place, although it will indeed take up a little space in our homes.

Roborock Q Revo, all the information

Roborock Q Revo, robot vacuum cleaner with RockDock base

A technological endowment without equal in this price range

The truth is that we already know Roborock robots and we know that his work seems almost magicand it is that the navigation system of the Chinese manufacturer is probably the best in the entire sector.

However, Roborock goes one step further with its new reactive technologyallowing the device to detect and dodge obstacles effectively despite not having integrated cameras. Not only that, and it is that its sensors allow it to detect the surface to be cleanedso it can automatically adjust the maximum suction to carpets or carpets and even raise the mops to avoid wetting or damaging textiles.

The Roborock revolution is this new Q Revo, the first robot with a rotating mop

An almost magical navigation system, now enhanced with ‘Reactive Tech’.

It will not get entangled in anything or spread objects or dirt around the rest of the house, but will will diligently dodge anything that is in your way, while your suction power of 5,500 Pa and its rubber brushes will take all the garbage to your deposit.

In any case, the great technical novelty of this Roborock Q Revo is precisely in its innovative scrubbing systemthat evolves from the sonic vibration of the mop to this innovative implementation of two rotating mops which, on the one hand, will be able to direct the residues towards the main brush, while on the other will be responsible for scrubbing at 200 revolutions per minute to remove all dirt in one go.

Of course it will also compatible with Roborock app and all its possibilities, because it will be able to map your surroundings quickly in 3D to allow us to customize cleaning at home, create prohibited areas, store up to 4 maps with auto-detection or schedule cleaning without major difficulties. All this with maximum connectivityremote control maintenance notifications so that nothing escapes us.

Roborock Q Revo, photo gallery

The new RockDock station wants to dominate the market

Another important novelty is in the second version of the RockDock multipurpose stationthat goes from a wider design to another more stretched and vertical that takes up a little less space although it is still gigantic, which is forgiven because maintains and improves important functionalities that we already knew.

In fact, this loading dock will be able to precisely recharge the batteries of the Roborock Q Revo, but also refill the clean water tank and also will empty the dirt depositsin addition to clean mops by storing dirty water in a separate tankThus, we can forget about cleaning for several days or weeks depending on the house to be worked on.

Not only that, and it is that this new RockDock includes a drying system that will prevent odors and will keep the mop clean and in perfect condition for the next sessions.

Roborock remains determined that we can forget about the cleaning robot at least for longer.

The Roborock revolution is this new Q Revo, the first robot with a rotating mop

It will be difficult to find so many features in another robot vacuum at this price level.

Roborock Q Revo, prices and availability

Roborock’s revolutionary new smart vacuum cleaner It is already available in the Spanish marketwhere we can choose it in two colors, white or blackthat apply to both the robot cleaner and its RockDock multifunction station.

Includes everything as standard so that the user does not have to do anything and thus enhance the slogan of “the pleasure of simplicity”and is that This wants to be the robot that democratizes automated cleaning most unattended and trusted in the industry.

Perhaps for this reason and despite have unique innovationsRoborock wanted to contain the price by leaving it in about 849 euros more than attractive taking into account endowment and possibilities.

Roborock Q Revo, robot vacuum cleaner with RockDock base

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