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The unknown Fire-Boltt has surpassed Samsung in the smartwatch market, but it has a trick


It has been thanks to the explosion of the Indian market, because here Fire-Boltt continues to be an unprecedented manufacturer.

The unknown Fire-Boltt has surpassed Samsung in the smartwatch market, but it has a trick
Relying on Samsung and its experience with ‘Tizen for wearables’, Google has been reborn with Wear OS in this smartwatches.

Samsung is largely to blame for the Google and Wear OS rebornand is that Android’s response to wearable soon will update to the fourth iteration after integrating its platform with that of Tizen, about to already welcome a very important WhatsApp that will arrive natively to enhance the penetration of a catalog of smart watches which is also growing in options and quality.

And this despite the fact that according to experts from counterpoint researchit seems that global smartwatch sales fell in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year, and that India market exploded varying photo of industry first swords.

Yes friends, despite some Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro very promising, with an infrared thermometer and top-quality materials, titanium and sapphire crystal no less for the model Pro, Samsung lost the second step of the smart watch market in favor of an unexpected actor like Fire-Bolttunknown in our markets but very popular in India.

Samsung is no longer the second manufacturer that sells the most smart watches on the planet, with the various crises in focus and the takeoff of an Indian market that has elevated Fire-Boltt.

Friends of android authoritythat they analyzed a declining market year-on-year due to the various crises and global inflation, which falls by 1.5% and which had Samsung, Apple and Huawei on the podium with 32% of share10% and 7% respectively.

The three manufacturers lose ground in 2023, remaining Apple in first place with 26% market share, Samsung third with 9% and the new player just arrived at the battle, a Fire-Boltt that takes another 9% of the cake succeeding in India and surpassing Samsung.

Obviously, Huawei site has been relegated out of these first three steps due to the veto of the United States government, which has practically left them no gap in international markets and with China’s industry already saturated.

The unknown Fire-Boltt has surpassed Samsung in the smartwatch market, but it has a trick

Broken down by manufacturer, this is how smartwatch sales behaved in Q1 2023. | Counterpoint Research

Who the hell is Fire-Boltt?

Well certainly if you don’t live in India you probably won’t know this brand of smart watches that, however, in his native country is hitting him hardbecoming fastest growing smartwatch manufacturer throughout global history.

If success is in offer lots of different types of smart watches for all tastes, most of them inspired by the Apple Watch but at much more reasonable prices and attractive for an emerging market like India.

In addition, their loyalty campaigns are largely to blame, since Fire-Boltt has a points program that allows its users accumulate “coins” that can later be exchanged for other products and experiences in the manufacturer’s store.

It looks good, but certainly We don’t know if they will dare to take off internationally so premature, so there we leave it to you waiting for moves by Fire-Boltt.

We will have to encourage them to come to Europe!

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