Home Tech there is less than a year left for it to come out

there is less than a year left for it to come out

there is less than a year left for it to come out


Lei Jun anticipates news and strategies related to the production of Xiaomi’s first EV, which should start in early 2024.

New details of the Xiaomi car: there is less than a year left for it to come to light
The main sketch of the Xiaomi MS11, the first electric car from the Haidian giant, leaked a few days ago.

Just a few days ago xiaomi made public his intention to sue partner company who had let out sketches of his first electric caran attraction Xiaomi MS11 that we can glimpse right here and that it should reach the market in 2024 at a price of about 40,000 euros To the change.

It seems that Lei Jun and his family want to keep the secret of his first electric car with a little more zeal than his flagship phonesalthough the CEO of the company is in charge of feed the machinery hype every time you have a microphone in front of you.

There is still time to organize ideas and find out many more details, since the beginning of its production is expected for the first bars of 2024so for now we’re going to have to settle for those pills that Lei Jun drops on us in his meetings with shareholders or in the usual meetings with the press that the tycoon holds in China.

Xiaomi Automobile sets ambitious goals and its progress, says Lei Jun, is above expectations

The latest information about the xiaomi ms11 our colleagues shared them with us gizmochina after the Xiaomi Investor Day, in which the dome of the Haidian giant shared some of their challenges for the near future in its main markets.

In fact, Lei Jun himself recognized that dedicate half of your time and energy to Xiaomi Automobileand only a quarter to smartphones, IoT and the rest of the company’s products.

In addition, it confirmed that the R&D team of the automotive division continues to grow, now with more than 2,300 employees that they are working incessantly to meet deadlines, and that Xiaomi’s first car is in the production lines for that first quarter of 2024 that have been targeted.

Xiaomi wants to lead the automotive industry with autonomous driving at the center of the experience, and according to Lei Jun they will continue to prioritize software gains over hardware with cars as well.

Xiaomi car crutch

One of Xiaomi’s crutches, already touring the main cities of China.

The progress, says Lei Jun, is spectacular and is well above initial expectationswith the road tests already started at the end of last December and more than 140 vehicles ready to roll throughout China in different conditions.

Regarding the business, the CEO of Xiaomi affirms that autonomous driving will be at the center of the experienceand that Xiaomi will follow prioritizing software profits above the hardware, also in the automotive industry. Its objective is tremendously ambitious, since they want to lead already from his first steps.

According to Xiaomi, the future of cars presents very exciting opportunities to integrate services of all kinds and thus obtain benefitseven beyond sales figures and maintenance services.

And finally, those from Haidian boast of their new facilities for the automobile division in Yizhuang (Beijing)where the sales and R&D departments are already working, maintaining the initial idea of build your own vehicle factory by 2024completely new and with a maximum annual capacity of 300,000 assembled cars.

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