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These 2 HBO Max premieres guarantee you a weekend from March 17 to 19 full of emotions


HBO Max is a safe bet for high-quality productions in its series, something that can be clearly seen in its gigantic catalog.

These 2 HBO Max premieres guarantee you a weekend from March 17 to 19 full of emotions
HBO Max expands its already extensive catalog with two series that have many followers

HBO Max brings us this week just two news. Of course, they are two very interesting novelties and they are full of emotions. So much so that these novelties are demonstrated perfect for the weekend. The truth is that although streaming platforms are not going through their best global moment, they continue to bring high quality content. In addition, this weekend in some communities there is a bridge, so it is perfect for us to hit a good marathon.

Therefore, we are going to tell you what they have to offer and what are the strengths of both series. In fact, HBO brings us a premiere that possibly the best this week on any current streaming platform. Is about Snowfalland if you haven’t seen it, it’s certainly recommended.

The 2 series that HBO has prepared for the weekend

With these two novelties, HBO Max tries to focus its attention on a small number of series but making sure they are of great quality. Snowfall is arguably one of the smartest and most heartbreakingly developed shows out there right now, while Superman & Lois tries to – and succeeds – in doing something different from a well-worn trope.

  • Superman and Lois – March 16
  • Snowfall – March 18

Let’s see what the HBO Max news calendar has in store for us this week, since it has some very interesting news, even if it is in a small amount.

Superman and Lois – March 16

HBO Max sealed its alliance with DC in the past, and the series that has best come out of all this is “Superman and Lois.” In this series, which is now in its third season, we find a Superman who has been given a little twist along with his partner, the famous journalist. In this way, Superman will not only have to deal with being the most famous and powerful superhero of all those that exist in DC. But we will also have to observe how they treat his life as a couple and the fact that to raise a child in a society like ours today.

Therefore, we will see the most human Superman that exists so far. Not only is he a flat superpowered hero, but he has worldly concerns that reflect the difficulties we all go through today.

  • A series reminiscent of the mythical Smallville.
  • It poses a twist to the viewer.
  • Its third season premieres today.

Watch “Superman and Lois” on HBO Max

Snowfall – March 18

Scam five seasons Apart from this new premiere behind him, we find a series of incredible quality. With reviews that raise it to the level of other series of great quality, Snowfall deals with the drug addiction epidemic that swept the United States in the 1980s. He crack It tore apart a society already in deep crisis.

With Snowfall we will attend to the true reality that was lived in the populous American neighborhoods. But things don’t stop there, since we will relive the stories of four totally different characters: an African-American entrepreneur, a wrestler persecuted by drug traffickers, a CIA agent financing terrorist groups in other countries, and the daughter of a drug lord.

A vibrant, acid series that keeps you glued to the sofa for longer than you may realize. Therefore, this weekend is perfect to give a chance to a such an interesting and critical series. possibly one of the best drug series that currently exists, but it is also in the top of the best politics series that exist.

  • You will have it on Saturday March 18 on HBO Max, but it has five more seasons, so you can start keeping an eye on it now.
  • It chronicles the harsh era of the “crack epidemic.”
  • It seeks to make the viewer uncomfortable by reflecting a story really hard.

Watch “Snowfall” on HBO Max

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