Home Tech These are the 6 novelties that Disney+ brings us to sweep the week of March 20 to 26

These are the 6 novelties that Disney+ brings us to sweep the week of March 20 to 26

These are the 6 novelties that Disney+ brings us to sweep the week of March 20 to 26


“Souls in pain of Inisherin” is one of the strongest bets in this week of streaming movies.

These are the 6 novelties that Disney+ brings us to sweep the week of March 20 to 26
Disney + bets on a lot of news this week

Disney+ wants to take advantage of the Deadpoint of the current streaming crisis to seize the throne. Such is the case, that it is redoubling their efforts and bringing us week after week authentic jewels and novelties that have practically just come out in theaters. Something that is not surprising either, considering that it has control of a good part of the world’s production companies. Thus, this week brings us a film with many international awards, such as “Almas en banjo de Inisherin”, along with miniseries and own productions. It is clear that this week we will have a great offer.

The 6 novelties that arrive at Disney + the week of March 20 to 26

Disney + arrives this week on our televisions with a film nominated for 9 Oscars and winner of 3 Golden Globes. To this we must add two series of his own production and a series on the “Noble art” that he paints very well.

  • Inisherin’s Banshees – March 22
  • Morgan, whereabouts unknown – March 23
  • Up Here – March 24
  • Saturdays – March 24
  • The Secrets of Sulfur Springs – March 24
  • Ringo: Glory and Death – March 24

Let’s see what it has to offer us this week that has really come loaded with novelties and with an enviable level.

Inisherin’s Banshees – March 22

It is not a movie to cry but it is on the line between black comedy and the most absolute drama. On a lost island off the west coast of Ireland, two friends (Padraic and Colm) part ways forever when one of them decides to stop talking to the other. The film will follow Padraic in a desperate attempt to resume friendshipbut everything will turn dramatically when Colm gives her a clear ultimatum. It’s about a epic drama and very well built.

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson once again demonstrate a great acting level in a film that deserved more at the Oscars but had to deal with really powerful tapes. The director of “Three billboards on the outskirts”, Martin McDonagh, repeats a movie once again and is beginning to sound like one of the directors of this generation.

Watch “Inisherin’s Banshees” on Disney+

Morgan, whereabouts unknown – March 23

It’s been over thirty years since Morgan disappeared from his driveway without a trace. Since then, investigators have been unable to find out who kidnapped her.. A documentary miniseries that delves even deeper into one of the strangest cases that have occurred in recent times. will not leave indifferent to lovers of crime series.

See “Morgan, whereabouts unknown” on Disney+

Up Here – March 24 – Season 2

Ojito because we are before one of the Romantic comedies of this season. A couple falls in love and they have a simple, beautiful and completely normal courtship. However, they will soon realize that the greatest enemy of the relationship they could be themselves. “Up here” thus begins its second season with a fairly solid fan base behind it. When love has gone, monotony comes.

Watch “Up Here” on Disney+

Saturdays – March 24

Saturdays arrives with no more pretensions than make us have a good time. We will follow the lives of three girls who enjoy life skating. His goal is to gain a foothold in the scene thanks to some spectacular events that are mounted in his town. Thus, comedy and drama intertwine in a very interesting series that is facing its first season.

It is one of the new bets of Disney + and Hulu, so we will have to keep track of it.

Watch “Saturdays” and Disney+

The Secrets of Sulfur Springs – March 24 – Season 3

The third season of Sulfur Springs will bring us back to the Griffin family. The series continues to have an approach of teen mystery series but they treat everything in such a mature way that it is perfectly enjoyable for all ages. Something that has been applauded by critics and the public on many occasions.

Basically, Griffin and his family move into a hotel in Sulfur Springs in the first season and the whole town thinks that he is delighted. Thus, the young man will have to unravel the mysteries of his new house.

Watch “Secrets of Sulfur Springs” on Disney+

Ringo: Glory and Death – March 24

The “Noble art” has been receiving a treatment that it does not deserve for some time. One of the most successful sports of the 20th century is in the doldrums, but there are still people willing to relive the glorious days of the sport. In Argentina, which has a large following, they have made this biographical series about Oscar Ringo Bonavena. In it, the story of the mythical heavyweight fighter who also made his first steps into the world of music and acting until his untimely death at just 33 years old.

Watch “Ringo: Glory and Death” on Disney+

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