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These are the most common online scams according to the FBI itself


Internet scams have proliferated over the years. These are the most famous according to the FBI.

These are the most common online scams according to the FBI itself
The Internet is full of dangerous points where we can suffer a scam

The FBI has recently shown which are the main online scams in which they fall the citizens of your country. The United States is the main market for Internet scammers, but that means that their methods are extrapolated to the rest of the world, including our country. The numbers speak for themselves, more than 10,000 million dollars are lost every year in online scams.

Online scams are one of the hot spots on the internet. It is very easy to fall into the trap at times and it can be fatal to our finances. There are many ways that our devices become infected, be it a virus in whatsapp photos or other incredibly implausible methods, such as getting infected by a virus by SMS on Android.

The most common online scams according to the FBI

According to the annual internet crime report of the fbi, Internet scams have fallen this yearalthough the benefits obtained by the hackers.

In any case, we can find four that occur very often. Among them are the ransomware or phishing.

In addition, this usually happens, according to the IC3 report of the FBI, in older people. Young users do not usually fall for this type of scam, but older users who they have less contact with the internet they tend to easily fall into the traps that hackers set for them.

data hijacking

It basically consists of the hijacking of our data. Many of them are never reported to the competent authorities, but the truth is that very valuable data can be lost through this technique and if you want to recover it on many occasions there is no choice but to pay. It works in a very simple way:

  • We are infected by malware without realizing it.
  • This malware collects our data and prevent us from accessing them using a really complex encryption method.
  • Once this happens, we receive a message from the scammer: we will have to pay a certain amount of money if we want that data to be released.

Payment is usually through cryptocurrencies to avoid leaving traces. These scammers often attack companies. This year the “Royal Mail”, the public postal agency of the United Kingdom suffered a massive data hijacking and had to pay a very high amount to recover them. However, city council data has also been seized and even of hospitals during the pandemic.

Email scams or phishing

This is a really old technique that basically consists of tricking us through an email. Simply They pretend to be a trusted entity, such as our bank or an NGO and they ask us to deposit money in a specific account or to we give our secret access data to our bank account. Thinking you are a trusted source, people take the bait and lose all your data.


Investments on the internet are full of scams. Courses that are going to make you gold but that later turn out not to exist, investment portfolios settled in tax havens that really don’t exist either. In general, Investing is a complicated world for experts only. However, the accessibility offered by the network of networks has caused many users to lose large amounts of money in investment funds that were actually fraudulent.

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