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These have been the last phones in history with a pop-up camera


We look back to remember the pop-up cameras of mobile phones and tell you why we want them to come back.

These have been the last phones in history with a pop-up camera
The pop-up cameras emerged from inside the terminal thanks to a retractable system // Image: Urban Tecno.

2019 was the year of pop-up cameras in mobile phones, a retractable system that allowed the manufacturer completely hide the front cameras in the terminals. It hasn’t been that long of this fad in the mobile phone market, but it really feels like a thing of the past. In particular, it was a technology that we liked, so we dedicate this article to pop-up cameras to find out what were the last mobiles in history to equip them and tell you why do we want them back.

Manufacturers like xiaomi, oneplus and OPPO joined the trend of retractable cameras, which allowed us to be able to test them in some of our reviews. In fact, some of these brands abandoned the idea of ​​pop-up cameras. relatively recently. Next we know what have been the last mobiles in history to mount this type of lens.

ASUS and Lenovo, protagonists of the latest phones with a pop-up camera

If we investigate the latest mobiles on the market to have pop-up cameras, we find two manufacturers as major players: ASUS and Lenovo. And it is that he ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip It was one of the last smartphones to mount a front camera with a retractable system. It went on the market in May 2021 and equipped a 64-megapixel front lens that left from the back of the terminal when we wanted to make selfies or video calls.

In this case, the front camera did not emerge from inside the terminal, since it was located in the rear camera module itself. When we wanted to use it, that module rose until it was just above the upper edge of the telephone. Without a doubt, it is one of the most curious designs that we have seen in a mobile to date.

ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip retractable camera

Among the latest phones with pop-up cameras are also the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro and Lenovo Legion Duel 2that have an identical design focused on the “gaming” section. In these two phones, the 44-megapixel front camera emerges from the inside on one of the sidesIt is located just below the power button.

Thanks to the use of a retractable system for the front camera, all these phones manage to have a screen without holes offering a more immersive experience. Despite its benefits, no other manufacturer has dared to bet on pop-up cameras in recent months.

Why we want mobile phones with pop-up cameras to return

We know that using a pop-up camera on mobile phones is risky for manufacturers. surely it is a more expensive choice than embed the lens in a hole in the screen, more complex when creating the mechanism and that it leaves a space in the interior assembly that can be key for other components. However, we miss this type of cameras in smartphones, especially for the touch of innovation they brought.

The design of mobile phones with a pop-up camera was very interesting, especially since each manufacturer approached it in a different way. For example, him LITTLE F2 Pro from Xiaomi drew a small module of the upper edge from the terminal when we wanted to take a picture. Another different alternative was that of the OPPO Reno2with a pop-up camera that reminded us of the fin of a shark.

OPPO Reno 2 pop-up camera

We also miss this type of mechanism because it allowed us to enjoy 100% of the screenwithout any distraction. It is a luxury to be able to enjoy a panel that, except for the margins, occupies the entire front, the experience is better. On the other hand, pop-up cameras were also ideal for privacybecause we were sure that, being hidden, she was not recording without our permission.

It is true that the manufacturers alleged possible failures of this type of retractable cameras to stop using them, because after all they are mechanisms that can stop working properly. However, during the years that they were fashionable, big problems were not public with these technologies.

It’s been 4 years since the great trend of pop-up cameras on mobile phones, but we we still want them back. And you, did you get to try these types of cameras?

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