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These headphones have me in love and today they are on sale for less than 50 euros


The manufacturer Anker is one of the most prominent in quality and cheap portable sound.

These headphones have me in love and today they are on sale for less than 50 euros
They have noise cancellation and 36 hours of battery life, so you don’t get bored with them.

Whether they are for yourself or a special gift, these headphones they are exceptional. They are a highly recommended option because I have been using them for a couple of months and I am delighted with them. Anker is a great manufacturer of sound gadgets and these soundcore p3i They are the best you can buy right now for less than 50 euro. Today they fall to 69.99 48euros thanks to a discount and a coupon from the 20% extra on Amazon.

They are very similar, in aesthetics, to the AirPods Pro or even to the OnePlus Buds Proand in sound quality they are quite close. And the best thing is that they cost a lot less money than the Apple and OnePlus models. You have the extra discount coupon available in both versionsblack color and white + gold finish. They are a model of headphones that accumulates more than 1,300 positive reviews with a average of 4.45 out of 5 points.

Remember to apply the 20% coupon before adding to the basket.

Anker P3i Soundcore

Get a great deal on headphones

There are many reasons to buy these Soundcore P3i right now, and it’s not just their low price and the offer they have. we talk about some wireless headphones mid-range, with a build quality Pulling to the high end and an exceptional sound. More than 20 million people have already tested the quality of Anker in their ears and have attested to it.

Soundcore P3i Anker white

The white and gold model of these headphones is beautiful.

  • Noise Cancellation: thanks to the two microphones integrated in each earpiece, a almost complete isolation (90%) in very noisy environments. In addition, during calls one of the microphones is in charge of detect only the human voiceso it only transmits this element during the call, achieving extreme clarity. an algorithm isolates the noise and captures the voice with great precision.
  • autonomy to spare: the battery and the case of these headphones will give us up to 36 hours of autonomy. Only the headphones themselves have a battery to 9 hours of usea pass that we had not seen before in other models. We can also take advantage of the fast chargeWith 10 minutes in its case we will have 2 more hours of use.
  • sound quality made in anker: the drivers that mount these headphones 10mm sonone size larger than a large number of current models. This makes the sound more natural and spacious. In addition, we have at our disposal up to 22 preset equalizations and the Soundcore app.

  • comfort above all: they are very comfortable, they only weigh 5 grams eachleaving the total weight, with the case, at 49.9 grams. You can carry them in your pocket, shoulder bag or wherever you want, it is a very small case.

Anker P3i Soundcore

we also have a transparency modeso we can have in-person conversations without having to remove the headphones from our ears. Its pairing is very simple and fast thanks to wireless technology Bluetooth 5.2. Thanks to it we have very low consumption and a minimal latency. We can use a single headset if we want. The surface is tactileto be able to control both music and calls and even activate and deactivate noise cancellation and transparency mode.

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