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These JBL Bluetooth headphones with 50h of battery have a discount, but only in this color


The American firm has spent its entire life offering the best portable sound products to the general public.

These JBL Bluetooth headphones with 50h of battery have a discount, but only in this color
You will have the sound of JBL in all its splendor in these fast charging headphones.

In a world full of great headband-style Bluetooth headset options, JBL is a firm that usually stands out for many reasons. In the first place, due to the power that it gives to all the bass sounds with its Pure Bass technology, and second, because you get great overall headphones with a brutal quality-price.

It is the case of JBL Tune 760NC that we have found reduced by 33% on Amazonwith a final price of only 87.50 euros. Eye, only the black color model It is discounted to this level, if you want other colors you must pay something more. In other stores you will see that the price is closer to 100 euros, such as in PcComponentes for 94.99 euros either on their official website which remain at 129.99 euros.

JBL tune 760NC

Get some JBL Bluetooth headphones at a very low price

JBL T760BTNC folded

The drivers fold easily so they can be stored in a travel case in seconds.

JBL has been designing and manufacturing this type of headphones and high-end speakers for professional public or individuals. JBL equipment is used in concert halls, nightclubs and cinemas around the globe, and is now within everyone’s reach with models like these JBL Tune 760NC.

The first thing that catches your eye is your battery. With a single full charge we will obtain some 50 hours of autonomywhich will be reduced as we use the noise cancellation function until 35 hours. The time of full charge is only 2 hours through its USB-C port.

It mounts two drivers of 40 mm each that reach frequencies up to 20,000 Hz. They are very light Bluetooth headsets, so only 220 grams. His body is almost entirely made of plastic, but it shows quite robust in the hand. Its memory effect pads they are very comfortable and you will be able to spend hours and hours with them without complaining of pressure or fatigue.

Another thing that fascinates me about these JBL headphones is the possibility of use them wired. Its audio cable is interchangeable and you can use your own. Many of us are still the ones who follow using wired headphonesthat do not admit any loss of sound quality. If this is your case, it is a great opportunity, also for save battery to the fullest.

If you have noticed, they are headphones over-ear typethat is, they cover the entirety of your ears and leave them encapsulated inside. This makes the sound is trapped between the headphones and your ears. In this way, only you will hear everything in all its splendor.

The active noise cancellation that these JBL Tune 760NC offer us is brutal. we can keep clear phone calls in very noisy environments, such as a bus, tram or subway. We could put them as one of the best noise canceling headphone options current, despite the fact that these rankings are usually dominated by in-ear models.

JBL tune 760NC

Thanks to Fast Pair we can pair the JBL to our Android mobile effectively and faster than with any other system. This is thanks to a collaboration between Google and JBL. We can also have the Bluetooth helmets paired to multiple devices at the same timeand move from one to another as needed with a single touch.

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