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They open a Pixel Watch and an Apple Watch and the difference is to cry


The new Pixel Watch is open and looks like a maze inside. Very different from the Apple Watch.

They open a Pixel Watch and an Apple Watch and the difference is to cry
Apple Watch Ultra vs Pixel Watch inside.

Currently, Google is bringing out a variety of products in which to enter the device market. This is the case, the giant company has recently released the renewed family of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Google lacked a market niche to enter and it was that of smartwatches, until recently.

with the departure of pixel clockGoogle lays the foundations of what will be its new generation of smartwatches. We have had the opportunity to see how since iFixit have opened the clock and… what we have seen, if we compare it with an Apple Watch, it leaves much to be desired.

The Pixel Watch inside leaves a lot to be desired

Excited about a possible Google brand smartwatch, we would all think that the prices were going to be better, but nothing could be further from the truth. The prices for this device they are a little tall. Especially if we compare the interior.

pixel clock

apple watch ultra

Although it is true that the device seems exciting on the outside, the crown of the watch looks cheap at first glance and the screen, Amoled, seems to have a questionable durabilityaccording to some analyzes that have been done on the net.

As we can see in the image above, the Pixel inside looks rather simpler, more standard in its manufacture than the Apple Watch, since as soon as you open the device, the battery is visible to the naked eye and does not have the final care that Apple has.

A maze to get to the screen and battery

Another notable aspect in the disassembly is the try to get to disassemble the battery and screen. In this case it is necessary to disconnect many connectors and push the battery a bit (with the damage we can cause with this).

At the end of the body, there would be the battery and screen connectors that we can disconnect from the watch, making disassembling the device a bit labyrinthine and not very accessible. As we see, we notice the price difference with Apple in these small matters.

Pixel Watch Teardown

Access to the Pixel Watch screen pin in its disassembly

All side wires, going to the crown and side button mechanical inputs, are attached to the same cableso they are attached to the casing. Therefore, the stuck switches may not be substituted individually, at least without hurting the rest.

Differences aside, the Pixel Watch isn’t bad as a starting point

We can be very critical, but we must remember that it’s the first generation from the Google device. The same thing happened with the Pixels, which made phones that weren’t perfect but had very remarkable features and, as time went by, they were improving on the rest.

Let us therefore hope that the Pixel Watch in this sense is the same as its sister phones. While is true that we can’t compare the watch with the Apple Watch, neither by price nor by years of development, we can say that it is fine to be a first generation.

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