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This 128 GB Samsung microSD for only 7 euros will give your mobile a new life


If your mobile usually runs out of free memory, for only 7 euros you can get this 128 GB Samsung microSD. Be careful, it has more than 50% discount.

What an opportunity: this 128 GB Samsung microSD for only 7 euros will give your mobile a new life
With the help of this 128 GB microSD for only 7 euros you can easily expand the memory of your smartphone.

Having a phone with little free memory is especially annoying: it works slower, you don’t have space to install new apps, you can’t take more photos and, in addition, you have to constantly put up with the insufficient storage warning. If you want to give a new life to your mobile, you can easily do it with help from any of best microSD cards. We recommend the Samsung EvoPlus 128GBso right now you can buy it for only 7 euros in Miravia.

The recommended retail price of this microSD is €21.99so we can see it in the official Samsung store. However, in Miravia you can buy it with more than 50% discount taking advantage of the 3 euro coupon available until May 31. If you make the purchase from the web, click on “Get coupons” to apply it. If you do it from the app on your mobile, touch the icon to the right of the price.

This Samsung Evo Plus microSD from samsung is also for sale on Amazon, but it only falls to 14.89 euros. you see that shopping is more profitable in Miravia that, although it is not such a well-known store, it is totally safe. Besides, shipping is free and you will receive the accessory at home in just a few days.

Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 128GB

Buy this Samsung microSD card for only 7 euros

At times, the 32, 64 or 128 GB of internal storage from your mobile phone they are scarce after a few months of use. Apps take up space, as well as photos, videos and other files that you store over time. If you regularly perform cleanups, but still can’t escape the insufficient space message, we recommend you to easily fix the problem with help of a microSD card.

The Samsung Evo Plus stars in a perfect occasion, because it has 128 GB and costs only 7 euros. With 128 GB you will have plenty of space for install new appsas well as to take photos, download content from Netflix to watch it without an Internet connection or to be able to see the images that are sent to you in WhatsApp. Of course, you must take into account that your smartphone must have microSD card slotsomething that is usually quite common in the low-end and some mid-range mobiles.

This Samsung microSD is a great bargain by offering you 128 GB of memory for only 7 euros.

Besides for the mobile phone, this microSD card is also useful for other devices such as the tablet or the camera. According to data from Samsung, the 128 GB is enough for store 7.5 hours of video and 51,873 photos in 4K resolutionas well as 20 hours of video and 67,518 photos in Full HD. The transfer speed reaches 130 MB/s, so you won’t have to wait long if you want to share the data with other devices.

You should keep in mind that it is a category A2 microSD cardwhich indicates that it is suitable for use on mobile phones. It is prepared for the installation of applications, as well as for the rapid opening of the same. Finally, the Samsung Evo Plus is ready to survive all your adventures. It has resistance to high temperatures, water, X-rays and falls, so it your files will be well protected.

Samsung EVO Plus MicroSDXC 128GB

The summary is that this 128 GB Samsung Evo Plus is ideal to expand the memory of your mobilenot only because of its capacity, but also because of its current price. We remind you that it originally costs 21.99 euros, but that In Miravia you can buy it for only 7 euros taking advantage of the discount coupon of 3 euros currently available.

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