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This add-in could not be started Outlook error

This add-in could not be started Outlook error


This post features solutions to fix This add-in could not be started Outlook error. Outlook offers users a range of add-ins to enhance functionality and streamline workflows. However, like any other software, Outlook also encounters occasional errors that disrupt its seamless operation.

This add-in could not be started Outlook error

Why are Outlook add-ins not starting?

There are several different reasons why add-ins may not start or function as expected. One of the main reasons is if multiple add-ins attempt to access the same resources, leading to errors or instability. Some other reasons are:

  • Outdated or incompatible add-ins
  • Installation or activation issues
  • Interference due to security applications
  • Corrupted Outlook profile

Fix This add-in could not be started Outlook error

To fix This add-in could not be started error in Outlook, restart Outlook and try reinstalling the add-ins. However, if that doesn’t help, follow these suggestions:

  1. Update Add-ins
  2. Disable and Re-enable Outlook Add-ins
  3. Run Outlook in Safe Mode
  4. Create a New Outlook Profile
  5. Repair Office Installation
  6. Contact Add-in Developer

Now, let’s see these in detail.

1] Update Add-ins

Start by updating all the installed Outlook add-ins. To do so, check the manufacturer’s website for the latest versions and install the updates if available.

2] Disable and Re-enable the problematic Add-in

Disable and Re-enable the problematic Add-in

There’s a possibility that disabling and re-enabling the problematic add-in will solve this add-in could not be started error in Outlook. Here’s how:

  1. Open Outlook and click on Files > Options.
  2. The Outlook Options window will now open; navigate to the Add-ins tab here.
  3. Select COM Add-ins beside Manage and click on Go.
  4. Uncheck the add-in you want to disable and click on Ok.
  5. Close Outlook, restart your device, and enable the add-in again.

If doing so didn’t work, remove the add-in and then reinstall it.

3] Run Outlook in Safe Mode and enable only that addin

Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Running Outlook in safe mode will start the application without loading the installed add-ins or extensions. Here is how you can do it:

  • Press and hold CTRL, then double-click on the Outlook.exe app icon.
  • A prompt will now ask, “Do you want to start Outlook in Safe mode?”; click Yes.
  • Select your Outlook Profile Name in the next screen and click OK.
  • Outlook will now open in Safe Mode.
  • Try using the add-in again and see if the error’s fixed.

If so then you will have to identify the addin that is conflicting with this one.

4] Create a New Outlook Profile

Add account (2)

Sometimes the Outlook user profile can get corrupted and cause several errors. Creating a new Outlook profile can help fix the error. Here’s how:

  • Open Control Panel and search for Mail.
  • Click on Mail(Microsoft Outlook) and select Show Profiles.
  • Click on Add and follow the instructions on-screen to create a new user profile.

5] Repair Office Installation

Office Repair

Next, you can consider repairing Outlook. It has been known to help most users get over this error. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press Windows Key + I to open Settings and navigate to Apps > Apps & Features.
  • Click on the office product you want to repair here and select Modify.
  • Click Online Repair and follow the instructions on-screen.

6] Contact Add-in Developer

If none of these suggestions help you, contact the add-in developer’s support for further assistance and troubleshooting. They may have something to help.

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I hope these suggestions help you.

How do I fix add-in error in Outlook?

To fix unable to open add-in error in Outlook, try disabling and then re-enabling the add-in. Next, check if the add-in is compatible with the Outlook version installed and reinstall it. However, if that doesn’t help, consider clearing Outlook’s cache data and running it in safe mode.

Why can’t I get add-ins on Outlook?

If you’re having trouble adding add-ins in Outlook, you’ll need to make some changes in the settings. To do so, navigate to File > Options > General and click on Privacy Settings. Here, make sure the Enable optional connected experiences is selected. If this option isn’t turned on Get Add-In, button may appear greyed out.


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