Home Tech This Amazon Prime Video Victorian Fantasy Series Is Perfect For A Summer Binge-Thon

This Amazon Prime Video Victorian Fantasy Series Is Perfect For A Summer Binge-Thon

This Amazon Prime Video Victorian Fantasy Series Is Perfect For A Summer Binge-Thon


It is a fantastic drama with two protagonists to match: Cara Delevigne and Orlando Bloom.

This Amazon Prime Video Victorian Fantasy Series Is Perfect For A Summer Binge-Thon
This series will serve us to enjoy a good fantastic story while we wait for the Amazon blockbuster

Big productions are not going through their best moment. Many mythical series have already finished, as is the case of HBO Max’s “Succession”. Meanwhile, others like “Rings of Power” They are not as successful as one might expect due to some controversial production decisions. However, there is an unknown series of the Amazon Prime Video catalog that can surprise us in a way that we did not imagine until now. Therefore, we are going to tell you what it has to offer us for the summer.

A really original fantastic series

“Carnival Row” is the title of the series and also the most conflictive street in the city of Burge. There live all the immigrants of other races who have arrived in the city after a terrible war that has been ravaging their countries. In addition, it is one of the few cities that survives ironically to the power of other empires. For this reason, fantasy creatures have settled there, where they live in misery since the prevailing racism on the part of humans is palpable. However, there is a benefactor who watches over their safety, the police inspector Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) who tries to take care of them while he follows the case of the murder of a singer.

At the same time, one of the leaders of the fairies played by Cara Delevigne will arrive in the city after a fateful shipwreck. Both will have to cooperate so that Carnival Row is safe again and its inhabitants recover the peace they deserve.

Thus, these two protagonists are going to have a crucial importance in the future of Burge, including the high politics that on many occasions it will interfere too much in the lives of citizens of the region since there are different forces that fight to improve the life of one or another social class. So “Carnival Row” throws us a very realistic and dirty world even if it is fantasy

  • The Carnival Row universe is very interesting, you find yourself in a really hostile world inspired by the Victorian Englandbut with fairies, ogres and other mythological animals that add a very interesting point.
  • The fact that Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne participate in this film gives it a real plus of quality that feeds the value of the production since they are very good in their roles.
  • The series looks incredible, visually it enters through the eyes since it has good special effects and it looks heart-stopping on TV.
  • As for its plot, it has absolutely everything. Film noir thanks to the investigations of the protagonist played by Orlando Bloom, but also high-level political plots inspired again by the England of Queen Victoria.
  • For its part, the fantasy world adds depth but at the same time allows us to ask ourselves very interesting questions about the world in which we live. Racism, immigration and global conflicts have a place in this series.
  • The plot already has an end. The series has ended, so you won’t be left waiting to know the end in the middle of an arbitrary cancellation as happens on other platforms.

“Carnival Row” is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and can be seen through the following link:

Watch “Carnival Row” on Amazon Prime Video


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