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This awesome free imaging AI will make you forget about MidJourney or DALL-E


This AI is amazing and it is going to allow us to have amazing quality in our AI generated images.

This awesome free imaging AI will make you forget about MidJourney or DALL-E
This photo has been created by the same AI with a few simple steps

In recent years, the truth is that halfway has had no rival. However, it is now fully paid after some users made a quite negative use of it. For this reason, alternatives have emerged even for generate images by AI with the mobile. There are many very useful applications such as Leonardo AI, but this one we are going to talk about today is second to none. We refer to CatBird, and the truth is that you will not know how to live without it.

CatBird, an AI to generate images that is incredible

A woman looks over a cliff while it rains

CatBird AI is an application that will make our lives much easier when it comes to generating images | Image: Catbird AI

CatBird AI is an AI image generation application that will make our lives quite easy if we take into account its functionalities. The truth is that its use is simple, possibly the simplest of all that we have used so far. Something that was already difficult, but the AI ​​in this application is present in all aspects, including the way we create the images.

Normally the images are generated by introducing a “prompt”, that is, a description of what we want. The problem is that being very exact is sometimes difficult, many people put very vague descriptions, so the AIs do a little what they want. However with CatBird AI it doesn’t happen that way at all. Because? Basically because we can ask you to improve the description by clicking on the “improve” button, in this way the description will improve and images will appear with much better quality.

you can also use negative prompts to prevent something you don’t want from coming out. In this way you guarantee that the image does not have objects or ideas that you do not want and thus it will have even more quality.

On the other hand, there is also a number amazing of models. We can choose that they be random with respect to those that best suit our description. However, if we like some specific style we can select from one very long list.

Of course, CatBird AI still suffers from the classic problems of image-generative AI. You are going to run into people with hundreds of teeth in their mouths and strange fingers. In addition, they do not know how to hold utensils and dozens of more problems which are very similar across all AIs. At the moment none of this can be fixed, but we will see if it can be solved over time with the improvement of the AI ​​models.

  • Catbird is basically like the rest of applications that serve to create images by AIbut being at the same time totally free. Say goodbye to tokens and other payment issues. But let’s not claim victory, since they are working on introducing a premium model.
  • In addition, it improves our “prompts” by suggesting more complex ways to create and design images, making us more efficient.
  • Allows you to use negative commands so that they do not appear in the image.
  • Use different models to have a different variety of images to put to use.

You can use in a way totally free CatBird AI on their official website.

CatBird AI

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