Home Tech this Google “ChatGPT for young people” died before it was even launched

this Google “ChatGPT for young people” died before it was even launched

this Google “ChatGPT for young people” died before it was even launched


Google had an AI chatbot designed for Generation Z in mind, but quietly abandoned it after restructuring its AI teams.

Bubble Characters: This "ChatGPT for young people" of Google died even before launching
Young people do not know how to live without their mobile phones, but AI will mean another revolution on the same level as the smartphone and global connectivity.

the same day as Google Bard learns Spanish and lands in Europe We also know officially, thanks to the CNBCthan the giant of Mountain View was secretly working on another AI service designed specifically for the Generation Zthe younger ones, something like a kind of ChatGPT for young people with cartoon characters.

This new service it was called “Bubble Characters” and was being developed in parallel to Bard, although the merger of AI divisions into a single group called Google Deepmind has meant a complete restructuring of the department and the abandonment of these projects which for Google have ceased to be a priority.

It is nothing new that Google kills its projects and services, but it is that ‘Bubble Characters’ could not even be born as the AI ​​chatbot specifically designed for the youngest.

that’s how it was “Bubble Characters”artificial intelligence for Generation Z

The truth is we could not see anything about this appnot even screenshots, so we only have the details that have been leaked to us by the sources and that they mentioned a service of chatbot with AI in which interactive digital characters were presentedcases as a metaverse, who actively participated in the discussions and even offered advice to the younger boys and girls.

No comments from Google eitherwho did not want to explain the functionality of the service or give it more impact, because its development was simply abandoned by lowering the priority of ‘Bubble Characters’ before other services such as Bard himself.

However, some sources did indicate that in this app conversations were presented “human” my “interesting for GenZ”propelling itself with language models and massive data with which understand and generate human-like text. This is what the description said ‘Bubble Characters’:

What started out as something from a science fiction novel, became the next generation of human-level computational conversations.

And speaking of functionality, this chatbot for the youngest they had a friendly voice of a cartoon type characterwho participated in the conversations, asked follow-up questions and even offered advice about personal relationships.

We do not know if in the future there will be an option to recover this service for the cause ‘Bubble Characters’but we do know that many of the engineers assigned to its development have moved on to Bard teams in the midst of that reorganization of resources, in order to move faster with the chatbot yes it is direct competition from ChatGPT and OpenAI.

Some of these employees have indicated that the request of those responsible was “to pause your work to improve Bard before its release”so is this service possible for GenZ come back on stage later.


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