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This Google Chrome extension alerts you if you are browsing a dangerous website


It has tools that warn you of fake shops, phishing websites, and other fraudulent sites that may pose a danger to you.

This Google Chrome extension alerts you if you are browsing a dangerous website
This extension for Google Chrome protects your security and privacy for free.

Browse the Internet using Google Chrome as browser is safer thanks to an extension called paranoid web extension. This tool includes functions that They warn you that you are browsing a dangerous websiteThis way you can be alert and, in this way, your private data will be much better protected. In addition to being tremendously useful, Paranoid Web Extension also stands out for being freeYou will not have to pay anything to use it.

This extension for Google Chrome will allow you to shop much more securely, as it will notify you if it is a fake shop. It is also prepared to detect webs of identity fraud who pretend to be your bank to steal your account details and to analyze sites that may contain virus. In short, you will be much more protected while using the browser Google.

Paranoid Web Extension, the Chrome extension that alerts you to dangerous websites

If you usually use Google Chrome to browse from your computer, Paranoid Web Extension is a free extension that can be of great help for you to browsing is private and secure. First of all, we emphasize that you can install it for free through the following link. Tap on “Add to Chrome” and “Add to extension” for the installation to begin.

Chrome Web Store | paranoid web extension

During the configuration process you will be able to choose which features of Paranoid Web Extension will be enabled. The available tools are these:

  • Check sites for scams and identity fraud.
  • Block adult sites.
  • Show alert on new sites.
  • Block all notification requests.
  • Automatically send a screenshot of suspicious sites.

Once the operation of the extension is configured, you will only have to use Google Chrome freely. You will see that it works when access a dangerous website. At that moment, you will see a large window of Paranoid Web Extension that it will warn you that you are on a suspicious site. The extension also will explain why It can be dangerous, for example, because it has been created recently or because it does not offer any kind of contact.

After carefully analyzing the alert, you can decide if you want to go to the website, notify that the alert is an error or directly close the page to avoid problems. Paranoid Web Extension is in charge of reviewing all the pages you visit, so you will know quickly if the store where you want to buy is safe, if the web has malicious files that will download to your computer or if it is a page identity fraud.

Thanks to these warnings, both you and your computer will be fully protected. The scammers they will not be able to steal your bank account detailsWell, you will not fall for the scams of identity fraud so common today. the chrome extension difference between suspicious and dangerous sitewith the first ones you must be careful and the second ones you must avoid them completely.

Paranoid Web Extension is a very useful tool if the little ones in the house usually use Chrome for class work or for entertainment. And it has a filter with which blocks adult websitesso children can navigate safely. On the other hand, this browser extension also includes a push notification blockerthese will no longer bother you.

More than 6,000 users have already tried Paranoid Web Extension, which receives an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the Google Chrome extension store. If you’re not very good at detecting dangerous web pages, let this extension help you identify and avoid them quickly and for free.

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