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This is Amazon’s best-selling robot vacuum cleaner, and it’s neither Xiaomi nor a Roomba


And it has something that helps the most lazy users to clean with even less effort.

This is Amazon's best-selling robot vacuum cleaner, and it's neither Xiaomi nor a Roomba
This Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner has a self-emptying base, something that was only intended for the premium range.

if you need a new robot vacuum cleaner or you are thinking of buying one for someone who needs it, this Cecotec option is the best seller of the week on Amazon. This is the Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X model that comes with a self-emptying base and is priced at just 199 euros on Amazon.

With this robot vacuum cleaner, you will no longer have to bend down to remove the dirt tank when emptying it manually into the dustbin. It is the logical evolution of this type of cleaning gadget that iRobot and Roborock began to use in their highest-end models, but which are now available to anyone.

Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X

Buy the best-selling robot vacuum cleaner, and with a self-emptying base included

best selling robots amazon

Cecotec is one of the best-selling robot vacuum cleaners of the moment.

The self-emptying base will prevent you from having to manually empty the dust and hair tank after each vacuum. We only have to remove the bag from the base bucket every several weeks, as it has a 3-liter capacity, about ten times more than a medium-sized robot vacuum tank. Eye, it is not as beast as the new Roborock vacuum cleanersbut it has nothing to envy when it comes to ease of use and durability.

This is a robot vacuum cleaner 4 in 1that can vacuum, sweep, mop and mop in one motion. We have an engine that reaches a suction power up to 2100 PAin the average of the rest of robots of between 200 and 400 euros of value. We can choose between 3 power levels of aspirated and between 3 levels of water use if we are in mop mode. The water tank does have to be placed manually whenever you want to scrub or mop.

Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X cleaning

This robot has 2 side brushes that help catch more dirt than others.

It has gyroscopic, proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors that achieve an orderly cleaning without accidental falls like the first models of robots. From the app available for free Cecotec you will be able to review the cleaning history, the maps made and control levels of power and the useful life of the accessories.

This model us comes with 2 extra mops Spare for when it is no longer useful. However, the mop has many uses if you give it exquisite care by washing it well with soapy water after each use and letting it dry in the sun. The 2600mAh battery of this robot vacuum cleaner will give us up to 2 hours and 40 minutes of use on a single charge. If the robot drops to 20% battery remaining, and has not finished cleaning, it will return to the base to recharge to 80% and continue its work.

Conga 2299 Ultra Home X-Treme X

It has a central main roller and two side brushes that attract all the dust and hair towards the center, being sucked all by the central roller and the power of this robot. We can choose between 6 cleaning modes: auto, random, scrub, spiral, borders and manual. For less than 200 euros you will not see any other model with a self-emptying base, this suction power and these benefits in general.

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