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this is his tragic story

this is his tragic story


Jobs’s life was not easy, but that of his biological parents went through very serious difficulties.

The song that always made Steve Jobs cry: this is his tragic story
Steve Jobs was one of the great visionaries of the technology industry | Image: Ted Thai

We know more and more about the Personal life from one of the most influential people in the world of technology. The mark that Steve Jobs has left in this world is incredible. Although Tim Cook has surpassed Steve Jobs in charge of Apple, the guidelines of the tech genius are still very clear. Everything has been studied about him, including small details related to his sense of humor, such as the one in which a fan told him asked for an autograph and to which he answered in the most ingenious way possible. However, this time we are talking about something much more intimate and personal, since this story is about the song that always made him cry.

The song that made Steve Jobs cry

The Steve Jobs Archive has recently released a book on Steve Jobs with multiple writings, letters, memos and other types of content carried out by the Steve Jobs himself. The book “Do something wonderful” has surprised everyone by the closeness with which you can see the computer guru. Among other things, in this book you can see how Jobs was moved to tears whenever I heard the song Little Green by singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell.

In it, Mitchell speaks in the first person about his experience having to give up for adoption to her newborn daughter when he was only 23 years old. This experience marked Mitchell’s life and also his future musical career, since he would never recover from one of the saddest events he had to live in his life. In his case, he would later meet his daughter, a fact that also meant an important process in his life.

Maybe it’s because I’m adopted, but this song moves me like no other. After realizing what this song was about, I cry every time I hear it.

The experience that Steve Jobs lived was that of the person who has been adopted. His biological parents, Abdulfattah Jandali-a Syrian immigrant who became a leading mathematician-and Joanne Schieble had to give him up for adoption due to dire economic conditions. In fact, the well-known writer Mona Simpson is his biological sister.

However, Jobs never wanted to know anything about his biological parents. Specifically from his father, Jandali, since he did meet with his mother, Joanne Schieble, when his adoptive mother, Clara Jobs, died in 1986. A year by the way, which was very important to him both personally and personally. the business. The fact of being raised in an adoptive family gave him certain advantages, above all financial, but it also made him aware throughout his life of the uniqueness of this curious life situation that he went through.

These stories show the human spirit that was behind the figure of Steve Jobsone of the key pieces in modern computing. Thanks to him personal computers exist as we know them and he was one of the visionaries behind products as distinguished as the iPhone, iPad or iPod that today are part of our day to day. However, we have always been very used to seeing it in its business version, totally disconnecting it from the human vision that makes him such an interesting figure.

Many things about Steve Jobs have always attracted attention, including the curious way in which he walked. Everything that concerned the technology guru was always studied to the millimeter since he was highly praised for being considered one of the most successful visionaries of the last century.


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