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This is how easy it is to digitize and restore old photos with your Samsung Galaxy


Using the Samsung app called Galaxy Enhance-X you will be able to customize and restore your photos in the widest and most extensive way possible.

This is how easy it is to digitize and restore old photos with your Samsung Galaxy
Galaxy Enhance-X is a complete image editing app

Photos are an ideal way to store our memories and being able to visit them by making a couple of taps on our smartphone or on our camera, for example. Although many of us are satisfied with having a good capture that contains everything we were looking for from that snapshot, it is true that many users also want these look perfectsomething that is sometimes complicated by various factors that interfere at the time of taking the photo.

If you are part of this group and you are Samsung Galaxy usersI’m sure you’d like to know that the Korean firm has an ideal application for improve photographs from your gallery at a brutal level. Specifically, we talk about Galaxy Enhance-X which, having been expanded from the beta version of the series Galaxy S23now available on a wide range of smartphones from the Galaxy premium series and it’s possible download from the Galaxy Store.

Customize and restore your photos with Galaxy Enhance-X for Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy Enhance-X

The app uses several functions to offer the best possible image quality

About Galaxy Enhance-X it is worth mentioning that it is an app that allows its users edit the images that you have in your gallery, looking to obtain the best possible quality. That is, they can be customize and restore to tasteTherefore, if there is a shadow that we do not want to be there or the lighting is not what we want, we can always touch up the image until it is perfect. It is also worth mentioning that this tool for the Samsung Galaxy range USA AIallowing you to enhance the image with a touch and adjust specific functions to taste, including HDR or the Moiré effect.

On the other hand, this app has the magic functionenabling comprehensive and intuitive enhancements to photos, as this feature takes advantage of deep learning and AI to retouch as much as possible those defects in our captures, such as visual noise, blur and other details. Of course, with this we can improve our image in a more than significant way and quickly. Additionally, it must also be indicated that this app has a good dose of tools that allow the customization of these images to be as complete as possible, always counting each one of them with different levels of intensity. All this, in fact, is also useful for those images that are sent from social networks or other applications, such as WhatsApp, which they usually arrive compressed.

However, for these last cases, it should be noted that this app uses the tool Exclusivewhich increase resolution of each one below 1 MP up to four times, which makes it possible for these to have a much higher level of quality, which never hurts. While all these settings and functions allow you to tweak your shots on a general level, there are also tools that allow you to adjust specific areasas Repair Moiré and Remove Shadows. In the case of this first mentioned tool, it seems that users will be able to smooth out the repetitive and wavy patterns that can arise after removing a photo to a screenI know about monitors or televisions, for example. Regarding Remove Shadows, it should be noted that when unwanted shadows appear in these photos, this function allows you to isolate and remove these shadows.

Galaxy Enhance-X

Galaxy Enhance-X has functions that allow you to edit specific areas of photos

It is worth mentioning that Galaxy Enhance-X also works for those old photographs that we have well kept. Thanks to your Old Photo Modewhich uses the generative AIthese images can be restored and give greater clarity to those captures that are old or damaged, and all this keeping the details of the faces as they were in the original photograph. Also, this Samsung app has other functions such as Clear, Correct Blur, Sharpen, Remove Reflections and Correct Lens Distortion (Brighten, Fix Blur, Sharpen, Remove Reflection and Fix Lens Distortion) while Portrait and Face features help to specifically optimize lighting and balance of portraits.

Galaxy Enhance-X

This Samsung tool also makes it possible for old images to look their best

As you can see, this Galaxy Enhance-X gives you many options to be able to restore and customize our photos (something that is possible thanks to the AI), either captured or downloaded previously. This app was officially launched last June 20 for more premium Samsung Galaxy smartphonessuch as the following devices: Galaxy S23, S22 series, S21 series, S20 series, Note 20 series, Z Fold4, Z Flip4, Z Fold3, Z Flip3, Z Fold2, Z Flip 5G and Z Flip LTE with operating system A user interface 5.1 or higher. If you want more details, all you have to do is access this link.

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