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This is how the latest WhatsApp news works

This is how the latest WhatsApp news works


At last you will be able to save some temporary messages so as not to lose them, but only with the authorization of the sender of the same.

You can now save messages in chats that self-destruct: this is how the latest WhatsApp news works
Now WhatsApp allows you to save temporary messages from chats

Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding functions of WhatsApp in the field of privacy are messages that self-destruct and that is why the messaging application owned by Meta has not stopped improving this functionality with news as the inclusion of 15 new durations for temporary messages.

But now, WhatsApp has just announced through his official blog and of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s social mediathe most anticipated novelty of this function: the option of save messages that self-destruct.

WhatsApp gives you the option to save temporary messages

WhatsApp has baptized this new function in Spain as “Keep in chat” and to use it you just have to make a long press on a temporary message and click on the new icon of a bookmark that appears in the top bar of the app.

But to be able to save a message that self-destructs, you will need the approval of the sender of the message, since once you save a temporary message, it receives a notice about the content you want to save and said user may or may not authorize you to save said message. In the event that the request is denied, the message It will self-destruct when the period indicated for this purpose ends.

android whatsapp app

The WhatsApp application on an Android mobile

This means that you will always need the authorization of the creator of the temporary message to be able to save it in your WhatsApp account.

This new WhatsApp feature improves the privacy of the platform, since, until now, it was only possible to save the content of a message that self-destructs taking a screenshot of thiswhich caused said message to leave the messaging client, saving it in the gallery of the terminal, where he was most at risk of being intercepted.

This new feature of WhatsApp It is now available to users around the world, including Spainbut if it hasn’t arrived yet, don’t despair because it’s being deployed progressively.


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