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This is the best app to record calls that you can install on your mobile (although it is not free)


TrueCaller has re-implemented call recording from its popular anti-spam app. The only drawback is that it will only be available for two of the three payment plans offered by the company.

This is the best app to record calls that you can install on your mobile (although it is not free)
TrueCaller allows call recording again.

The most veteran of you may remember TrueCaller as one of the best sources for caller identificationboth on Android and iOS. Also has other cool features built into your code, such as the possibility to make free calls. And a few years ago it also allowed recording calls, although it has not been possible for a long time.

Now, as they tell us from TechCrunchthe queen of antispam apps has reintroduced call recording on iOS and Android… but only for paying users of the app. It is true that Google put in mechanisms to cut call recording natively a long time ago, but TrueCaller has found a way to achieve it.

A dedicated native line to record calls

The Swedish solution has been create a dedicated engraving lineso they don’t have to rely on Google and iOS APIs to do it. In fact, on Android the process is extremely simple and can be started from TrueCaller’s own keyboard (remember that it replaces the phone’s keyboard if given the correct permissions).

In iOS things change, since those who want to record a call will first have to call a recording line and then merge it with the call they were going to make. In either case, the recipient of the call will hear a beep alerting them that they are being recorded.

And in case anyone is concerned about the potential privacy implications of this TrueCaller capability, the data will be saved on the device of the user and not in the cloud. Therefore, the company will not have access to them according to its own statements.

This is all very well, but it has a catch: will only be available to TrueCaller Premium subscribers. We remember that the prices of this plan start from 1 euro per month, but the most basic plan will not allow you to record calls. It is with the Connect and Assistant plans that you will be able to access these features.

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