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this is the Motorola RIZR Rollable


The big surprises of Mobile World Congress 2023 are signed by Motorola, with the first smartphone that offers satellite connection and also this impressive roll-up prototype that has dazzled locals and strangers.

It is on its way to being the mobile of MWC 2023: this is the Motorola RIZR Rollable
Yes friends, the Motorola RIZR roll-up prototype was real and we have seen it in Barcelona.

That it can be done does not mean that it is necessary. Not always at least. But the truth is that this Rollable Motorola RIZR that the firm of North American origin (now in Chinese hands) has taught us during the Mobile World Congress 2023has a brutal pint at least in a first impressionwhether or not it is a logical, usable and/or justifiable device on a day-to-day basis or something as simple as durable enough to be able to use it.

And it is that we have there are still many doubts about what for now is only a conceptnot something too tangible, but that shows us another way of take advantage of flexible panels that are slowly shaking up this industryonce voracious and now eager for improvements and important news.

It has not actually been the only one Motorola novelty during MWC 2023although it is the most interesting, and that the mythical North American brand will put its name together with Bullitt Group in the first smartphone with satellite connectivity of a general nature, and the first accessory to offer global coverage to any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Motorola’s rollable mobile is already a real device

Is this another option to do a more portable and versatile large-format phoneno hinges like the RAZR and its competition Flip that would fold the smartphone completely, giving way to an automated system that roll the screen around the bottom frame to give more utility to a single screen.

As our classmates showed us my smart price in the following photo gallery, it seems that Motorola managers have even thought of a protective casingor at least they didn’t want the only prototype of this ‘RIZR’ suffered damage during the fair, because the device is functional and usable although we do not know very well what it would contribute in addition to a portable size that extends according to needs.

The system that unfolds and folds the screen is motorized and automated, working in a way that seems almost magicalwith a panel that moves between 5 inches and 6.5 inches according to the needs at all times.

The truth is there are no details of hardware and possibilities and this is not the time to talk about it either, because what Motorola wanted has been achieved, which was muscle up and show us an interesting future full of possibilities and formats that, for now, present us with as many doubts as they are attractive.

It will not be something commercial in the short term, but the design is well thought out and the device seems usablewith the screen folded towards the back can be used as a camera viewfinderand drop down to front when we want to consume content or expand possibilities.

The bad part is that the flexible panel will always be exposedas in all this type of terminals, making it more fragile. Besides, the set is quite thickalthough all these are lesser evils that do not seem insurmountable. Yes indeed, something have these mobiles that do not allow them to go out yet in commercial runs, because it’s not the first prototype we’ve seen but no one has dared to sell us one…

Would you buy it?

It is on its way to being the mobile of MWC 2023: this is the Motorola RIZR Rollable Mobile World Congress 2023

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