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this is what it will cost you from now on

this is what it will cost you from now on


The price increase has not been high but it has surprised everyone.

HBO Max raises its price: this is what it will cost you from now on
HBO Max will soon change its name, but now it has gone up in price

From HBO Max it seems that things are changing remarkably. For next year we will enjoy your new service, called Max to dry. However, it seems that the service is constantly changing and not only because of the news of the week but also to be able to enjoy all its catalog It’s going to cost us one more euro from now on. For this reason, we are going to tell you How much will the subscription to the platform cost you from now on?.

New HBO Max plans

HBO Max: plans and prices

This is the price that HBO Max will have

An email addressed to all HBO Max users has warned that there will be a price change on the subscription platform. This has caught many users by surprise, also because there have been various problems when reporting price increases.

Users who were subscribed to the streaming platform will see their price increase from July as follows:

  • The subscription monthly It is the one that will see its price increased significantly. Previously it cost 8.99 euros And from now its final price will be 9.99 euros.
  • The subscription Annual in this case It maintains its price at 69.99 euros per month. It is the only subscription that maintains its price, although of course, now something less profitable is coming out.
  • When the platform arrived in Spain, a plan at 50% of his lifetime price. Users who are still subscribed to the service since then will be able to continue to maintain this privilege. From 4.49 euros it will go to a payment of 4.99 euros.

Users who subscribe to the service from now on will pay the new price directly, so the entry into force of this increase has not been long in coming and it’s already effective.

Also, there has been a slight confusion on social media and many users subject to discount of 50% off forever have received emails warning them that they will pay 9.99 euros. It has been an error on the part of HBO, which has confirmed on social networks that it will not be like that, but that the payment will be 4.99 euros.

This measure caught users by surprise, who expected that the The price of the platform was not altered until the arrival of “Max” the company’s new platform. Since then it is speculated that it could cost about fifteen euros a month in its version without ads. Therefore, this measure has been totally unexpected and it is possible that some people consider whether it is worth continuing to pay for the service before the arrival of Max.


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