Home Tech this JBL bluetooth speaker has great sound and a smashing price

this JBL bluetooth speaker has great sound and a smashing price

this JBL bluetooth speaker has great sound and a smashing price


The best-selling speaker for almost a year costs less than 30 euros.

I can't recommend it enough: this JBL bluetooth speaker has great sound and a killer price
The JBL Go 3 is available in a multitude of colors and is water resistant.

If you are thinking of buying a small bluetooth speakerpowerful and with good soundthere is none better than this JBL Go 3 for 30 euros. You could opt for that price at a echo point 5 (on sale), but we would no longer be talking about a wireless speaker. East of JBL It’s sturdy, has decent range, and pretty incredible volume for its size.

JBL is one of the most Recognized in the portable sound sceneboth in headphones and loudspeakers, and also in the sound of movie theaters and nightclubs. On that side, you must be sure that it is a manufacturer that puts a lot of care into its sound devices.

jbl go 3

Buy the best-selling bluetooth speaker on Amazon


This JBL GO 3 is a highly recommended purchase if you are looking for a compact and powerful speaker.

It is more than 2 years old and is still the best-selling bluetooth speaker from Amazon. As it does? Well, it’s very easy, gathering a series of characteristics that make it essential for anyone who has a very tight budget and wants something of quality.

  • exceptional sound: despite being so small, it has a built-in speaker that throws a total of 4.2W RMS. This provides a volume similar to that of an Echo Dot 5, which can easily cover an area of ​​about 20-30m2. In addition, the sound quality is quite good to talk about a device of 30 euros. The JBL touch is noticeable in bass sounds, enhancing them to make us vibrate. You can make sounds in frequencies from 110 Hz to 20,000 Hzwith a sensitivity of up to 85 dB.
  • party duration: 5 hours of battery will give us this speaker with a 100% charge. We have fast charge through its USB-C port. This duration is for a volume of 60%, if we increase or reduce it, the total autonomy will be reduced or extended.
  • Designed to resist: it is a speaker covered with a super resistant mesh and non-slip rubber that make this gadget fit to withstand the test of time like no other. Have resistance against water and dust IP67withstands blows thanks to the rubbers in each corner and has a rope to hang in a backpack or carabiner.
  • mini size: its measures are 8.6 x 6.9 x 4cmso it is perfect to carry it in a pocket or in any other larger backpack without impediments. weighs only 209 gramsas a current high-end mobile.

jbl go 3

You will not be disappointed at all. If you prefer another color, Amazon has it available in a multitude of them (black, blue, blue+pink, white, camouflage, red, pink and green). take it to one garden party, a barbecue with friends in the countryside or on a hike from high school. Now that Three Kings Day has passed, it could be a good option to exchange for a gift that you did not like.

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