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This new feature of TikTok for iPhone will allow you to forget your account password


TikTok will add Passkeys to the service, a login method that doesn’t require passwords, just Face or Touch ID.

This new feature of TikTok for iPhone will allow you to forget your account password
TikTok will add Apple Passkeys soon

Apple announced the compatibility of Access keys on their devices last year to make us forget about passwords forever. This new technology aims to our access codes to the different websites are our face or our fingerprint. Although they were introduced last year, we’ve been around Passkeys for years because on Apple’s website, they’ve been around for a long time.

Apple together with other companies put the technology and from there it is the different applications and websites that have to adapt. As Tik Tokwho recently announced that will integrate the Passkeys into the service so that its users can enjoy this new access method.

TikTok joins the Passkey train

As TikTok has announced, soon users will be able to change their password to a Passkeys, that is, their new password can be their face or fingerprint:

Today, we’re excited to announce that TikTok will introduce Passkeys for iOS devices, a faster, easier, and more secure way for people to sign in to their TikTok accounts through their devices using Face or Touch ID.

Tik Tok will begin rolling out Passkeys this month in select markets. The company says that users will be able to use Passkeys instead of a password to log into their account thanks to iCloud on all your devices.

To start, TikTok will add this support to its iOS users in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. In addition, it will be a function that will only be available to iOS users for the moment. TikTok promises to implement it over time.

How Passkeys work

Passkeys is a new login method with which you can no need to use a conventional password. Thanks to the system that Apple has and if it is implemented on the website in question, users can register and use our face or fingerprint as a password.

This “key” will also be saved in iCloud Keychain with all the data. In the login of that account, the user email will appear, but the password is notsince it is none other than our face or finger print.

Apple, as we have said, It has been implemented on its website for a long time. It is not necessary to put any password to log in, the website recognizes our account and asks us to authenticate with Face or Touch ID. It’s good that applications are adding to this new technology to make our lives easier.

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