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This Person Works Two Days A Year And Charges $40,000 To Change A Light Bulb, But He Has A Trick


This is Kevin Schmidt and it might seem that he has a very simple job, but the truth is that it is really complicated.

This Person Works Two Days A Year And Charges $40,000 To Change A Light Bulb, But He Has A Trick
Kevin Schmidt has a dream job, doesn’t he?

The truth is that changing light bulbs is not much of a mystery. In fact, there are dozens of jokes about changing light bulbs, as it’s so easy it’s hard not to know how. Surprisingly, there is a man who charges $40,000 for changing two light bulbs a year. But, the popular proverb is wise and he always says that “no one gives hard pesetas.” In this case this is true, since your job is incredibly dangerous. We have already seen quite curious or extravagant works around here, such as triangle bikes either mushroom computersbut the truth is that until now we had not treated one that involved such a great danger and so necessary for technology like this.

Let’s see what this job has for you be so well paid and why a person needs

professional tower climber

Kevin Schmidt is a professional tower climber. He works for Vikor Technologies, which has documented his exploits on several occasions. Through the access stairs, Schmidt dedicates himself to going up and securing himself with a harness so that the climb is not a real danger to his life. In this way, with patience and some of the timescale gigantic towers that can reach 450 meters high. In the video you can clearly see how he scales a tower of 1500 empanadaswhich translates to neither more nor less than 457 meters high.

The price is commensurate with the risk. Get $20,000 every time he scales a tower and the most common is usually scale it every six months so it would be clear that he earns close to $40,000 a year for doing this job. It is a really dangerous job and for that reason he has to go every few anchoring to the nearest steps so as not to rush into the most absolute void.

When he goes upstairs, he takes time to take in the incredible views and then take a selfie to send it to his wife and prove it’s okay.

His co-worker, Todd Thorin, has been in charge of immortalize absolutely everything that has happened in your work. To do this, from the safety of the ground it has made fly a drone to continue his journey around the high tension tower. Thus, see how Schmidt is climbing with some calm. After all he has to climb more than 400 meters and it is exhausting work. Therefore, he has to control the pace quite a bit so as not to end up too tired to continue. It is not strange that you have to take some breaks.

What will Kevin Schmidt do with his free time? The most likely thing is that he has another job, since those 40,000 dollars are not really a very high salary in the United States, and perhaps he will combine it with another job that is somewhat more normal and less adrenaline pumping. In any case, it is clear that not a job for everyonesince it can be really exhausting and also carries a great danger. Of course, it is clear that it is not a good job for those who are afraid of heights.

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