Home Tech this post-apocalyptic movie will refresh your summer on Prime Video

this post-apocalyptic movie will refresh your summer on Prime Video

this post-apocalyptic movie will refresh your summer on Prime Video


It is one of the most underrated films in Korean cinema.

Unknown and unfairly abused: this post-apocalyptic film will refresh your summer on Prime Video
Snow plays a fundamental role in this whole story.

It is possible that you are suffering in your own meats the heat that it is this summer. However, today we bring you a very good film so that we can enjoy a while of freshness, since in this tape everything is covered in ice. The good news is that you can enjoy it in the Amazon Prime Video catalogso if you have Amazon Prime you can enjoy this movie within this subscription. We are going to tell you what this film is about and what it has to offer us globally.

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For years, global warming has always been a problem for society. Thousands of solutions have been sought and none have achieved anything. The last desperate test to stop this problem ended up destroying all life on earth by freezing the entire planet. The only survivors are on an icebreaker train that is dedicated to traveling the world forever while the people inside live as best they can. There are different social classes, workers feed the engine and make luxury food while they eat poor quality food and live oppressed by the upper classes. In the end, the situation will explode and an incredible revolution will take place.

This is the plot of “Snowpiercer” or “Icebreaker”, a film that had a very Poor visibility for what it really deserves due to its very good quality. Besides, the director is the Oscar-winning creator of “Parasites”that caused a furore at the Oscars a few years ago.

The reasons to see this film are the following:

  • The film features Chris Evans as the lead. Yes, you read correctly, the very Captain America will be the protagonist of this film.
  • The symbolism of this film was interpreted as something “too” ideological. The underlying message at the end is that of the class struggle between the different social classes that live on the train.
  • Is a science fiction film very entertaining.
  • This it’s not something new at Bong Joon-ho’s cinema. The South Korean director has films like “Okja” or “Parasites”, so we are talking about a filmmaker who usually sends a very social message.
  • Overall the movie has quite a lot of action and is terribly funny. It will make us enjoy moments of a lot of violence and with a strong explicit content.
  • Be that as it may, the movie is really funny and time will fly by since it has a very good pace.
  • Maybe some moments, halfway between the hilarious and the surreal they make us a little ball.

The film cost 40 million dollars and raised double, specifically 86 million dollars. Therefore, the costs of its production could be covered, but it cannot be said that it was a resounding success as in other cases. Critically, the film was highly praised with a 94% acceptance on Rotten Tomatoes and 73% by the general public.

We can watch the movie if we have one subscription for Amazon Prime Video:

Watch “Snowpiercer” on Amazon Prime Video

In addition, the film currently has a “reboot” in the form of a television series in which we find more or less the same trope. Although, in some respects, it is somewhat more watered down than the film. It’s still a pretty interesting and fun approach. You can watch the series on Netflix, it currently has three seasons.

Watch “Snowpiercer” and Netflix


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