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This reader for 80 euros has WiFi, 8 GB and weeks of battery


With 8 GB of memory, a 6-inch screen with light, long autonomy and an unusual discount, this reader is a great alternative to Amazon’s Kindle.

There is life beyond the Kindle: this reader for 80 euros has WiFi, 8 GB and weeks of battery
The Kobo Nia is a great alternative to Amazon’s Kindle, especially now that it’s on sale.

Y e-book reader It is a must-have device if you like reading. The first model that comes to mind is the Kindle from Amazonbut there is life beyond. We want recommend the Kobo Nia which, in addition to being a good quality device, draws our attention for starring in an unusual price drop. Thanks to the amazon offeryou can buy this Kobo Nia for only 79.99 eurosa very good and unbeatable price for the Kindle.

The most normal thing is that this Kobo Nia has a price of 99.99 euros, so you are facing a very good opportunity to buy it cheapereven as gift for Magi. If you buy it on Amazon it will not arrive before January 6, but it will if you buy it and MediaMarkt also for 79.99 euros.

The Kobo Nia is a reader light and very comfortable with which you can read for hours and hours. You can use it both day and night thanks to its anti-reflective screen with integrated lightswindle 8 GB memory to store thousands of books. Last but not least, mount a battery that lasts weeks of use on a single charge, autonomy is not a problem at all.

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Buy the cheapest Kobo Nia

The Kobo Nia is a wise choice if you’re looking for a good eBook reader for basic use that’s affordable. It has a simple design that stands out especially for be compact and weigh only 172 gramswhich ensures a pleasant use for hours. In addition, being compact and lightweight, we can take it comfortably when we leave home to read on public transport, in class or on vacation.

The purchase of the Kobo Nia is also worth it for 6 inch screen that occupies its front. It’s a screen anti-glarethat is, we can use it outdoors without the light preventing us from reading clearly. Also has integrated light with adjustable brightnesswhich means that we can read in places with little light without having to resort to external lighting. It’s a screen tactilewe can use it to turn the page.

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The screen has a density of 212 pixels per inch, sharp enough to be able to read the text without problem. On the other hand, we can choose between 50+ sizes, 12 font typesthe size of the margins or highlight passages that we want to revisit in the future. Among the most interesting functions is also the integrated dictionarywith it we can know the meaning of words without the help of other devices.

This Kobo Nia has 8 GB of internal storage, enough space for store thousands of ebooks simultaneously. It also stands out for its Wi-Fi connectivitythat will allow you to read articles online or access the immense Rakuten library.

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No less important is the fact that this e-book reader has battery for weeks and weeks of use. With a single charge you can take it on your vacation without fear of running out of battery, it is insurance in that regard.

In short, the Kobo Nia is an eReader with a very interesting price-quality ratio, especially now that it drops to 79.99 euros on Amazon and MediaMarkt. if you’re thinking to buy or gift a cheap e-book reader, this Kobo Nia has everything you need for less than 100 euros.

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