Home Tech This robot cleaner for your pool drops its price 100 euros

This robot cleaner for your pool drops its price 100 euros

This robot cleaner for your pool drops its price 100 euros


You can now have the bottom of the pool ready for the visit of friends and family without worrying.

This robot cleaner for your pool drops its price 100 euros
This wireless robot for swimming pools has great suction power, a large battery and intelligent movement.

Do you have a pool at home and are you tired of using the net to ‘fish’ for dirt and the long brush to sweep the bottom? That never ends well and you need a robot vacuum specially designed for a swimming pool. Is WYBOT WY1102 cleaning robot It is available in two colors and both have a discount of 100 euros leaving their final price in 199.99 euros on Amazon.

You just have to make sure that it has enough battery to remove all the dirt from your pool before the guests arrive. With its suction power, its autonomy and ease of use This offer is irresistible if you have a pool at home.


Get a pool cleaner robot with a 100 euro discount

wybot wy1102 green in background

You just have to put it in the water and it will do the rest by itself.

Do you have a pool in an area that the background suffers a lot? The vegetation and the mountains usually bring a lot of dirt to your pool water, between dead leaves and dust that accumulates irretrievably in the background, leaving a rather neglected appearance to your beloved pool.

That is why WYBOT has been manufacturing hundreds of models of pool robots all its lifeboth wireless and wired. This WY1102 is one of the cheapest of the current panorama, and it is one of the easiest gadgets to use.

This WY1102 integrates a battery that can give us some 50 minutes of autonomy. This will allow us to clean a surface of about 50 square metersa large enough pool for a single house. If it is much larger or you are looking for a robot for an Olympic pool, you may be interested in the AIPER Seagull Pro that can with about 300 square meters and has a discount of 150 euros on Amazon.

WYBOT pick with hook

It is very easy to ‘rescue’ the robot from the background after cleaning.

This robot, like others, comes with a rescue hook. This will allow us to pick up the robot vacuum cleaner from the bottom of the pool with hardly any effort. The robot weighs only 3.6kga weight similar to that of a robot vacuum cleaner any house.

It integrates technology smart navigation that allows you to stop cleaning, hide at the end of the pool when cleaning is finished or when you have run out of battery to continue.

It has two auxiliary scrapers in its lower partYou can choose between two suction powers and you can remove particles up to 180 μm thanks to its super fine filter. Dust, sand, small leaves and endless dirt that can accumulate in your pool every day.


This robot is ready to negotiate inclines of up to 15 degreessuitable for pools in which there are different heights. It is made to move freely around the pool both PVC such as tiles, vinyl or powder finishes with. You can also move freely around the pool round, square or irregular shape.

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