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This Samsung 4K Smart TV collapses


One of Samsung’s newest smart TVs has a huge discount at the brand’s official store.

165 centimeters of screen and almost 2000 euros discount: this Samsung 4K Smart TV collapses
65 inches and a 50% discount: be very careful with this impressive Samsung television

The Samsung official store hides a beastly bargain in one of the best smart tv of the brand, a Samsung Neo QLED QN95B that, with just 10 months in the market its price has practically collapsed to the half.

We insist that it is a model of this 2022something that makes this discount of the fifty% be even more striking. Also, unlike other televisions that Samsung lowers on its website, this QN95B is one of the smart TVs top rated brand since, among other things, it maintains a score of 4.6 out of 5 with over 269 verified reviews.

Of course, this is not a cheap smart TV, but both the descent priced like the specs more than justify the quality of the offer. It’s not for nothing but it has happened from 3499 to 1709 euros.

Smart TV QN95B 65″ (2022)

Buy the 65-inch Samsung Neo QLED QN95B at a minimum price

In case you are interested, you have to know that it is a exclusive offer from Samsung websitesomething that on the other hand assures us that we are buying an appliance with all possible guarantees. Thus, in addition to benefiting from the “renew plan” of the brand (if you wish), you will have 3 years official guarantee Y delivery to installation included in the priceas well as customer service without intermediaries and the possibility of financing your purchase.

In short, if you are going to invest in a new TV, it is worth doing it with the confidence that buying gives in the official store of the brand. In this sense, let us remember that we are facing the Samsung’s top-of-the-line 4Ka Mini LED smart TV capable of playing 1 billion colors with absolute fidelity. Let’s not forget that this Samsung Neo QLED QN95B comes with special Quantum Matrix technology, which offers extra light and color to the images.

It also has Quantum HDR 2000a technology that added to the special processor with AI that includes TV, will allow us to appreciate our favorite series and movies much better. We will have more contrast, more brightness and, ultimately, an improved image scene by scene by up to 20 neural networks. If we add to this the 70W surround sound with Dolby Atmos and the 165 centimeters diagonal screenwe will be in front of a smart TV lady.

It should also be mentioned that television includes various Samsung technologies with which to get even more out of it, such as Samsung Gaming Hub, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, Object Tracking Sound, smart things and, of course, all the potential of Tizen, the complete operating system for smart TVs of the brand. Take a good look at its spec sheet because by little more than 1500 euros It is the best you can buy.

Smart TV QN95B 65″ (2022)

The Samsung Neo QLED QN95B is available not only in the size of 65 inches, but also in 55 and 75 (we can also find it in 85 inches, but this format is currently out of stock). For our part we have selected the 65 inch model since it is the one who keeps the juiciest discountbut if it suits you more other sizewe leave you the prices below:

Choose the one you prefer, add it to the basket and apply the coupon DISCOUNT5 to benefit from the same 5% additional discount. In addition, in the case of the model of 75 inches will you be able to get a refund of 250 euros registering the product on the Samsung website, thus achieving a final price of 2599 euro.

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