Home Tech This Samsung Galaxy S22+ drops its price on Amazon from 900 euros thanks to this discount

This Samsung Galaxy S22+ drops its price on Amazon from 900 euros thanks to this discount

This Samsung Galaxy S22+ drops its price on Amazon from 900 euros thanks to this discount


It is not an offer that will change your life, but being such a premium product, it is a good opportunity to get hold of this mobile.

This Samsung Galaxy S22+ drops its price on Amazon from 900 euros thanks to this discount
You can get the Samsung Galaxy S22+ with a discount of 180 euros in price on Amazon

For all of you who are looking for a new high end smartphoneand above all that you do not mind scratching your pocket, without a doubt this product interests you a lot. Specifically, we bring you a Samsung Galaxy S22+a mobile that is considered as one one of the best of last year And it is not for less if we take into account its great benefits. This terminal has quite a high price and although it is still expensive with this offer on Amazon, it is worth mentioning that, being such a complete and attractive device, its 17% discount it’s quite interesting.

That’s right, you can take advantage of your Amazon discount and take it now, before stock runs out in the mentioned store, since at the moment there seems to be only one available. Therefore, without a doubt, this 17% discount on the Samsung Galaxy S22+ It is a more than good opportunity to get hold of a powerful smartphone that has such outstanding features as its state-of-the-art cameras. If you still have some doubts, surely you like to know that Amazon has a 4.4 star ratingMeanwhile he 80% of these assessments they believe that it is 5 stars.

Samsung Galaxy S22+

One of the best mobiles of 2022 can be yours with a reduction of 180 euros in its price on Amazon

Getting into the matter, and before we start to shell out the benefits of this mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 128GB It has a regular price on Amazon of €1,079but with the mentioned discount a price of 899 euros remains. Obviously, it is still a very expensive price, but in the end they are 180 euros less on your purchasealmost 200 euros that you can spend on some other product. On the other hand, this Samsung terminal is available in other stores as MediaMarktwhere can you get for 1,059 euros Without any type of discount activated, of course. On sale you can find the S22 model in other stores, but its Plus version seems that you will only find it at a discount on Amazon.

That being said, the Samsung Galaxy S22+, which also comes with a gift chargerAs we said, it is a brutal terminal that has exceptional quality, something that is based on its 6.6-inch screenwith technology 2X Dynamic AMOLEDresolution FHD+refresh rate of 120hz and sampling rate of 240hz. Likewise, we find a more than remarkable performance thanks to its chip Exynos 2200 and the GPU AMD Xclipse 920. On the other hand, we remind you that this is the 128GB model and who has a 8GB of RAM. The thing does not end here, far from it, since it must be mentioned that it has 5G connectivity and UWB ultra-wide band technology, WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the fact that this device has a ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the screen and has IP68 certification against dust and water. You also have to know that your battery is 4,500 mAhwith the possibility of 45W fast charge and 15W wireless chargingplus reverse wireless charging 4.5W. Be careful, we cannot detract from their stereo speakers and its chambers, where we can find a 10MPX front sensor and a set of cameras that has a 50MPX main sensorand 12MP ultra wide angle and a telephoto lens, too, 12MPX. On the subject of video, it is worth mentioning that this device allows you to record in 4K and 60fps.

Samsung Galaxy S22+

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is a spectacular high-end smartphone and, if you hurry, it can be yours now, although you would not receive it until Friday June 16.

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