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This space movie is the most realistic that exists and you can see it on HBO Max


Christopher Nolan’s film offers us a different approach to space travel.

This space movie is the most realistic that exists and you can see it on HBO Max
This is the best sci-fi movie according to science.

Science fiction cinema has always had a huge following. It is not for less, there are great exponents such as “Blade Runner”, “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” that for years have been generating a taste for the genre, although always far from what is really known from scientific study. In this way, we find a tape that thickens the HBO Max Catalog which is the opposite, since science has dictated that it is pretty true to what we know today from space.

With this premise comes Interstellar, a film by equally loved and hated Christopher Nolan.

Interstellar, much more than a blockbuster

Interstellar takes us to a very near future in which crops are dying and the human being lives his last bars on planet Earth. The tension is maximum since the plants are not able to hold onto the ground and the population looks desperate as their world is about to succumb. Given this approach, the protagonist will go into outer space looking for a solution to it, but telling practically anything else from this point on would be a revelation. The film is long, but it is worth it because it is possibly Christopher Nolan’s best film after his Batman trilogy.

If we remove the final part of the film, which is quite fantastic, we find ourselves with a film that many experts have applauded for its very careful adaptation of what we know scientifically about space. All the paradoxes, twists and impossible moments seem to be endorsed by science and existing theories. Obviously, it is not necessary to be an astrophysicist to see the film, since it is an approach to the space world from a blockbusterbut it is very interesting. As expected, there are experimental tapes or documentaries Yes, they are more realistic, but this is a very commercial film and therein lies its success.

Of course, on many occasions, the film is too over-explanatory. One of Christopher Nolan’s biggest mistakes is precisely that, that he doesn’t usually leave anything for the viewer’s reasoning, but rather he tends to make everything very clear through unnecessary explanations. This is one of the biggest criticisms the film has received since it came out in theaters.

Still, the movie was a real hit. Christopher Nolan has a legion of followers of his cinema, and the truth is that, except Principle usually sweeps the box office. In fact it raised more than 777 million dollars with a budget of 165 million dollars, so success is more than confirmed and also catapulted the film to be one of the highest grossing in history.

  • It’s quite an exciting and brain-blowing movie.
  • He has his dose of epic drama.
  • Play with a simple script but it twists with the passage of the plot as Christopher Nolan is used to.
  • It is a film with impressive production values ​​and is very well shot.
  • The sequences in which the action gains prominence are very interesting.
  • It is one of the science fiction movies that best treat the space.

You can watch Interstellar on HBO Max and you will surely not regret it as it is a really good movie and it has garnered some very good reviews.

Watch “Interstellar” on HBO Max

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