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this state-of-the-art robot will keep your house always clean


Lefant’s robot vacuum cleaner is packed with sensors that will allow it to get rid of all the dirt autonomously.

100 euros less: this state-of-the-art robot will keep your house always clean
Lefant’s robot in black.

Do you still vacuum the house? Do you still have to use the broom? This offer interests you, we come to recommend one of the best companions you could ask for for cleaning the home. The robot vacuum cleaner lift M213 it crashes on amazon, it’s yours for only 139.99 euros. It’s not nonsense has 100 euros discount.

If you are a user of Amazon Prime you won’t have to wait You will have it at home in just 1 day and without paying anything for shipping. It’s just one of the many advantages offered by the plan of the popular online storeIf you usually buy on Amazon it is well worth it.

lift M213

Buy the Lefant robot with a 100 euro discount

Our protagonist arrives with a compact size and a simple design in black. His body is surrounded by 32 sensorsIt will be able to map the different rooms of your house to move from one to the other without difficulty. It will go through them all, destroying the dirt in its path..

His power of 2200 pascals It will allow you to vacuum all kinds of particles, from the largest to the smallest and most treacherous. It will not only vacuum, it will also mop to make your floor shine. You will have the possibility to choose between 4 cleaning modes.

lift M213

The Levant M213 aspirating.

The Lefant robot also complies in the autonomy section, will be able to hold up to 100 minutes of cleaning. It’s more than enough for a medium-sized house, unless you live in a mansion it won’t take more than one try to get everything perfectly clean.

If you are not convinced by this robot or you are looking for something a little more premium we can recommend one of the creations of xiaomihe My Robot Vacuum Cleaner-Mop 2. She has fallen to 229 euros in the official store of the Chinese firm forks a great option that raises the level.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner-Mop 2

lift M213

A robot vacuum cleaner can make your life easier and you don’t have to spend a huge sum to receive it at your doorstep, what else do you need? The value for money of this Lefant M213 is enviable, it will be a great companion that you will not be able to separate from when you get used to it.

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