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TikTok will restrict the use of the service for minors


TikTok will restrict the use of the service for minors

The platform introduces a limit of 60 minutes per day for people under 18 years of age.

In the coming weeks TikTok will introduce a limit 60 minutes for the use of the application by users under 18 years of age. If the user has reached the limit, they must enter an access code to continue using the application.

This limit can be turned off in the settings, then the user will be able to spend more than 100 minutes a day on TikTok, but the service will offer to set a new limit.

TikTok’s time limit hints resulted in a 234% increase in usage of TikTok’s screen time management tools during the month of testing the feature. In addition, underage teens will receive weekly notifications showing screen time totals so that they can monitor their activity in the app.

To determine the time limit, the TikTok team consulted with specialists from the Health Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. However, TikTok’s head of trust and safety, Cormac Keenan, acknowledges that there is no collectively approved stance on excess screen time.

The Family Pairing parental control feature has also received updates. Parents can now link their TikTok account to their child’s account and monitor the time the child spent on TikTok during the day, as well as see how many times the app was opened. You can also manually set limits.

Some of the new features will be available to all users, including setting notifications for every day of the week and sleep reminders.

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