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Top 3 best smartwatches and the best value right now | 4Gamers Thailand


Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 9:00 AM and 33 PM, Indochina time.

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Best Overall: Apple Watch
The Apple Watch has evolved into one of the best wearables on the market since its launch in 2015. It’s the best smartwatch for iPhone users, and we won’t judge you for switching to it. An iPhone just so you can use an Apple Watch. The latest Apple Watch Series 8 features awesome fitness tracking. which will meet the needs of both beginners and professional athletes.

It can also detect if you have been in a car crash. It can perform electrocardiogram (ECG) tests and measure blood oxygen levels. Additionally, this Apple smartwatch has built-in music storage NFC. and many useful apps including a variety of ways to reply to messages

But there aren’t many differences between the Series 8 and its predecessor, the Series 7. Much of the design hasn’t changed, and while the Apple Watch Series 8 runs on the newer S8 SiP, it doesn’t feel faster in testing. much Slightly longer use And we were impressed with the new low power mode. This allows the watch to continue working for an additional two hours after reducing battery life to 20 percent.

There are two other options, and it’s the Apple Watch Ultra, which may seem a bit overkill for most people. But there are plenty of extra features like extra water resistance for more accurate GPS dive tracking. And the biggest battery of any Apple Watch to date Apple designed it to be the most durable of all Apple Watches. Probably more features than they need.

On the other hand, the $990 Apple Watch SE, which has fewer features than the Series 8 but should be more than enough for most people, we consider the Watch SE to be the best smartwatch option for first-time buyers or those who have a limited budget You get all the core Apple Watch features like drop and collision detection. There’s also noise monitoring and Emergency SOS, but you’ll need to do that without more advanced hardware like an always-on display. Blood oxygen sensor, ECG monitor and skin temperature sensor

Great value for money: Fitbit Versa 2
Dropping the price of a smartwatch down to 13,754 baht is impossible for everyone. Which is why we recommend the Fitbit Versa 2 as our best sub-$299 option. You get all these essentials: Fitbit’s excellent fitness tracking capabilities (including automatic exercise detection).

Sleep tracking, water resistance, connected GPS Blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking and six-day battery life It also supports Fitbit Pay using NFC and has Amazon Alexa built-in as a voice assistant, while the Versa 2 generally costs 5,990 baht.

Best for Android Users: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Samsung may not have upgraded the latest popular Galaxy Watch much. But that doesn’t mean the Watch 5 still isn’t the best smartwatch for Android users. But these make the Watch 5 more flexible and reliable.

Galaxy Watch also has the most comprehensive health and fitness tracking. Including body composition analysis on Wear OS, and this year the company added a sleep coaching feature to help guide you to rest better.

If you don’t mind a big watch, consider the slightly more expensive Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. but comes with a larger 45mm titanium case, a more durable screen and a larger battery. Although Samsung markets this Android smartwatch as an outdoor device

But you should think of it as a larger watch that will last longer than the standard model. It has all the same smartwatch features as the 40mm and 44mm models, except it supports GPX routing formats for workouts. So you can get turn-by-turn directions while you hike and bike.

All three watches are also water resistant. So it can track swimming or survive a sudden storm. and lasted more than a day They also run Wear OS 3.5, similar to Samsung’s previous Tizen OS, so longtime wearers won’t have to worry about adopting a new system. Finally, the Galaxy Watch 5 Series. It is a versatile smartwatch that will serve most Android users very well.

All three models that have been brought forward are all good information that I would like to present and share. For anyone looking for or interested in a good Smart Watch to buy, it must be. Let’s study a bit about which type best meets our lifestyle. Thanks for the good information from engadget here too.

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