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Tornado Cash cracker offered to return the platform to users


Tornado Cash cracker offered to return the platform to users

After the mixer was hacked, the TORN rate fell by 41%, but the hacker’s statement restored the rate almost to its previous value.

Project Tornado Cashwhich Suffered from a cyberattack on May 20, received an offer from an attacker to cancel all malicious actions. About it on the Tornado Cash forum reported community member under the nickname “Tornadosaurus-Hex”.

On the morning of May 20, the attacker gained full control over the cryptomixer by issuing 1.2 million fake votes (in the form of tokens). By words security researcher “samczsun” at Paradigm, that’s more than about 700,000 real votes, so the attacker “now controls everything.”

According to the expert, full control gives the fraudster the opportunity to take all control tokens from the control smart contract and block the system router. However, user funds are not available to the attacker.

The attack did not affect the Tornado Cash protocol itself, which allows you to anonymously transfer cryptocurrency through a mixer. Smart contracts or technologies related to the operation of the protocol were not affected. Only the control system is affected.

After the cracker’s proposal to cancel the attack became known, an active member of the Tornado Cash community under the nickname “0xdeadf4ce” stated that this could be “a huge provocation.” However, according to “Tornadosaurus-Hex”, the hacker is not joking, and members of the community have no alternative. There are currently no known conditions on the part of the attacker in exchange for restoring the system.

After the attack course token project TORN collapsed by 41% – from $6.20 to $3.61, after which it rose to a level of about $4.5. After the message of the cybercriminal, TORN rose by 8.4% (to $4.88). According to CoinGecko, TORN is trading at around $4.79 on May 22.

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