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Total War: Pharaoh Releases October This Year | 4Gamers Thailand


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 3:00 p.m. Indochina time.

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced Total War: Pharaoh, the next installment in the long-running strategy franchise. Ready to reveal the release date of the PC version in October 2023

Total War: Pharaoh takes players into the turbulent era of the new empire of Egypt. where they will determine the fate of three great cultures as they fight to survive in the midst of the fall of the Bronze Age.

“At the great time of ancient Egypt full of political scheming catastrophic event and the great battle It was the perfect setting for a Total War title.” said game director Todor Nikolov.

“As Pharaoh You must save Egypt from the peak of destruction. and guide your people through the apocalypse of the fallen Bronze Age. It’s up to you to survive or disappear into history.”

Players will have the choice of eight clan leaders as they charm the battlefield. enter the battlefield Or cause chaos as a ruthless warlord and discover the rich lands of Ancient Egypt. These included the Egyptian factions of Ramesses, Seti, Tausret, and Amenmesse, the Canaanite factions of Bay, and Irzu. and the Hittites of Kuranta and Zappilulima.

However, the opposing army had more than half the victory. Because players will have to fight sandstorms and thunderstorms. a fiery forest and an ever-changing battlefield.

Total War: Pharaoh also features the franchise’s first campaign customization, ensuring unique conquests every round. Players can randomize starting positions for all factions. Modify resource settings increase the likelihood of natural disasters and more

Those who pre-order Total War: Pharaoh will get access to it before the Early Access weekend (although no date has been set for that yet), along with the Cosmetic: Avatar of the Gods pack and pack. Cosmetic: Heart of the Shardana

The base game will cost 1390 baht, while the Deluxe Edition (with the digital soundtrack and DLC Faction Pack 1) will cost 1701 baht and the Dynasty Edition (with all three digital soundtrack DLC Faction Packs and DLC Campaign Pack) will be priced at 2,167.50 baht.

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