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Tower of Fantasy introduces a new Dr. Rubilia simula that will help travel in the airspace and increase the power of the electric main by a leap.


Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 7:58:55 PM, Indochina time.

After the previous fantasy tower has released the character of a young loli girl grandpa which is one of the key characters of the physical players must grab and own one You can read more details inthis article

Most recently, a few days ago on the channel YouTube of fantasy tower released a sample for picture new character of the gameat Ready to announce that they are preparing to officially enter the gacha cabinet June 3, 2023

In addition, on the fan page of fantasy tower Has also made a big play release as well. artwork and story for game fans to get into the story Including getting to know new characters like Rubilia In detail, friends can read more details in the post below.

for Rubilia Comes with a personal weapon named ” lost melody ” It comes with the appearance of wings attached to the back. Thus making it possible to fly up the airspace and travel to various places without much problem. Including the ability to attack the lightning element at the lightning element maine. should be picked up as a tattoo owner 1 one

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