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Tower of Fantasy released a trailer for version 2.4, exploring the dark depths of the sea, and new characters planned for the game.


Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 5:14:42 PM Indochina time

Explore the depths of the sea when the game fantasy tower has released a sample version 2.4 Which has been revealed in both parts of the new story, new characters, including new exploration maps which will change from exploring on land to being underwater instead The game plans to be updated into the official game. March 30, 2023

for new maps like underwater It will give you the opportunity to explore the deepest depths of the sea. to create novelty to the exploration Therefore making the interior underwater, players need to have a new type of car This will make traveling under the sea easier. Of course, it can be explored even without such a vehicle. But it will cause the survey each time to be delayed than it should be.

In addition, within the update of the game version. 2.4 There has been a new character coming out of the box. Lin It will be a fire elemental character. and has a personal weapon as an umbrella which can attack enemies in a wide area Including the splendor and intensity that may cause people who play on mobile phones to cry

Including the end of the version patch. 2.4 If nothing goes wrong, one of the new characters of the game, who is a “young boy”, has an ice element and has the ability to use a yo-yo. should have a plan to enter the game as well, and with the ability Icarus that can attack enemies as a group Therefore making it another character that is worth looking for. In order to make the ice elemental team even stronger.

Finally, we have to wait and see if the arrival of the game version. 2.4 Will make it out to be interesting or may cause players to feel tired of the delayed exploration. have to wait and follow each other

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