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two screens, Qualcomm processor and GPS


It is one of the best smart watches on the market and drops to half the price to become a real bargain.

This brutal Pro watch sinks its price to a minimum: two screens, Qualcomm processor and GPS
This discount smartwatch has two screens to choose from.

The January slope is less harsh if you take advantage of the great discounts that Amazon offers on these sales dates. One of the most interesting opportunities is the one carried out by the TicWatch Pro 3 GPSbecause it allows us to buy one of best smart watches at a bargain price. Pay attention, because this great smartwatch falls to the 154euros in Amazon checking the box “Apply coupon of €90”.

The original price of this TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is 299 euros, so we could say that you can currently buy it half-price. Also, with Amazon Prime you will enjoy fast and free shippingyou will have it at home with hardly any wait. The smart watch is also for sale in other stores like pc componentsbut much more expensive.

Amazon discount coupon for the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Activate the indicated box to apply the discount.

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has more than enough reasons to be chosen as one of the best smartwatches on the market. It has a great build quality. double screen Y a powerful Qualcomm processor for smooth performance. Plus, it comes loaded with features, has nfc to pay for your purchases GPS and one extensive autonomy.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Buy the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS at a minimum price

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is a smartwatch that exudes quality in every way, including its design. Is durable and resistantIt will have no problem surviving all your outdoor adventures. Having a classic aesthetic, it is also perfect for everyday usefor example, to go to work or to have a drink with friends. The belt that equips, that imitates leather, can be easily replaced for another one that you like more.

The most special feature of this smartwatch is that it has two different screens that you can choose from depending on the use you are going to give it. On the one hand we find the most advanced screen, AMOLED technology1.4 inches and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, the one you will normally use to view content in full color. On the other hand, the TicWatch Pro 3 GPs has a transparent screen ideal for saving batteryit only shows you the main data.

The processor that gives life to this watch is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100that will allow you to enjoy a good experience even when you want to run advanced apps or move quickly between menus. The operating system is Wear OSdeveloped by Google, so you can use applications like google maps Y google pay. Pay special attention to the latter, since it is the one that serves to use the smart watch to pay in establishmentsas if it were a bank card.

As a good high-end smartwatch, this TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is loaded with the best specifications. Thanks to its speaker and microphone, you only have to connect it to your mobile via Bluetooth so that it can send and receive phone calls. If you don’t want to take your mobile out of your pocket or you don’t have it next to you, you can use the watch itself to communicate without problems. Of course you can also receive notifications or see the weather information, among other functions.

Among the many uses of the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is also sports. Have dozens of sports modes with which to track your physical activity. As its name tells us, the GPS it does not lack In terms of health, it has the most advanced technologies, such as the heart rate sensor and blood oxygen monitoring.

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

The final touch puts it the 577 mAh batteryLarge capacity compared to other smart watches at the same price. This battery can reach the three days duration with considerable use, although it will always depend on how demanding you are. If you choose to use the transparent screen, the autonomy will even reach up to 45 days.

The summary is that the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is a high-quality smartwatch in all its sections, from design to performance. therefore, power buying it for only 154 euros is a unique opportunity. Remember to check the box “Apply coupon of €90” on Amazon and proceed to purchase to have it on your wrist in a matter of hours.

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