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UserGate webinar “Safety First”

UserGate webinar “Safety First”


UserGate webinar “Safety First”

We don’t want to scare anyone, but… those who have not yet been hacked will certainly be hacked.

June 1 at 10:00 we invite you to a webinar on current threats and risks associated with the information security of businesses and organizations.

No, we don’t want to scare anyone, but…. those who haven’t been hacked yet will definitely be hacked, so it’s best to start preparing for it now.

At the webinar, UserGate Development Manager Ivan Chernov and UserGate Lead Security Engineer Nikita Beketov will discuss the latest incidents that have occurred in the world of information security, talk about how the next generation firewall works UserGate NGFW what features it provides to protect network infrastructure from modern threats and how it helps simplify security management processes.

You will also learn how other companies have already implemented or migrated to UserGate NGFW and how it helped them protect their business.

Register and connect. We have many cases – both scary and successful.

The speakers will definitely answer the questions of the webinar participants and tell you how you can get a demo or organize UserGate NGFW piloting on your infrastructure.

Remember! Security is never overkill. But it might be the best.

Participation in the webinar is free. Registration of participants link .


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